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Occupation Permit

Under which status can I apply for an Occupation permit and what are the criteria attached? 

Applications for an Occupation permit can be submitted in any the following three categories:

Investor: The business activity should generate a turnover exceeding MUR 4 million annually with an initial investment of USD 100,000 per investor or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency.

In case there is more than one investor, the turnover criteria should apply in respect of each applicant (i.e. MUR 8 million for two applicants, MUR 12 million for three applicants, and so on).

Professional: Basic salary should exceed MUR 60,000 monthly. However, the basic salary for the category of Professional in the ICT Sector should exceed MUR 30, 000 monthly. For all applications submitted prior to 31 October 2015, the salary threshold of MUR 45,000 still applies.

The annual income has been increased from MUR 600,000 to MUR 1,200,000 as from the third year of activity.

How do I submit my application for an Occupation Permit?

As investor or a self-employed individual, you need to come in person at the address hereunder with your relevant documents to submit your application:

Economic Development Board
Work & Live Department
4th Floor Sterling House
Lislet Geoffroy Street
Port Louis

As professional, you need to be accompanied by the HR Manager of the company or his representative.

I am eligible for an Occupation Permit. How long does it take to process my application?

An application, with all supporting documents, is processed in five working days except for cases where additional information may be required.

Is there any fee payable to the Economic Development Board for its services?

No fee is payable to EDB for services relating to applications for Occupation Permit, Residence permit for dependents or Residence Permit for Retired Non-Citizens. However, prescribed fees have to be paid to the Government of Mauritius.

I have obtained my Occupation Permit. Are my accompanying spouse and children eligible for a residence permit?

The Occupation/ Residence Permit holder may apply for a Residence permit for his/her spouse as dependents, including common law-partner, and children  under 24 years old. Evidence of cohabitation should be produced for a common law partner.

I do not have a Birth Certificate and it will take me a lot of time to obtain one from my Country of Origin. What should I do?

You have to contact your Embassy or Consulate in Mauritius for advice. If there is no Embassy or Consulate, you need to obtain your birth certificate from the relevant authority in your Country of Origin.

If all my documents are not in English or French. Are these acceptable?

No. You should submit authorized translated copies, certified by a competent Authority along with the originals.

Can I switch from one category to another, for example from professional to investor?

You cannot switch automatically from one category to another with the same Occupation Permit since that permit is not transferable. You should first request for cancellation of your permit and then apply for a new permit. Upon cancellation, you will be deregistered, and registered for the new permit at the same time. You will have to submit a fresh application with all required documents.

Can I start working as soon as I obtain my Occupation Permit as Professional?

A professional employed by a company can start working as soon as he obtains an Occupation Permit, except in the case of regulated activities. For such professions (e.g. doctor, civil engineer, pharmacist, etc.) the professional should register with the appropriate council or body after he obtains his occupation permit. The employer should know the registration requirements and should inform the professional accordingly. The onus lies on the employer to ensure that he complies with all rules and regulations. 

Is there any restricted activity for foreign nationals?

Any activity that contravenes any existing legislation is prohibited. There are also certain tourism-related activities that are restricted to Mauritian nationals only. Any investor or professional wishing to operate a tourism-related activity should first consult the Tourism Authority on to check whether he will be allowed to carry out his intended activity.

I hold an Occupation Permit as investor. Can my parents who are my dependents accompany me to Mauritius?

Your parents can accompany you on a tourist visa if they intend to stay for a short period in Mauritius. They may stay as tourists for a maximum period of six months per calendar year.

However, if they can bring at least USD 40,000 annually to Mauritius, they may be eligible for residence permit as a Retired Non-Citizen.

Applications for a Residence Permit as dependent of an investor may also be submitted to the Passport and Immigration Office for transmission to the Prime Minister’s Office for consideration on a case to case basis.