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Permanent Residence Permit

What are the criteria for me to be eligible for a PRP?

An investor having held an Occupation Permit for three years immediately preceding the date of application for Permanent Residence Permit and whose company’s turnover exceeded MUR 15 million annually or an investor having invested USD 500,000 in a qualifying activity.  

The list of qualifying business activities are: Agro-based industry, Audio-visual, Cinema and communication, Banking, Construction, Education, Environment-friendly and green energy products, Financial Services, Fisheries and marine resources, Freeport, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Insurance, Leisure, Manufacturing, Marina development, Tourism, Warehousing. 

A self-employed having held an Occupation Permit for three years immediately preceding the date of application for Permanent Residence Permit and whose income exceeded MUR 3 million every year during each of these three years.

If I am eligible for permanent residence permit, will my family be eligible?

Yes, the spouse and children under 18 of a holder of a Permanent Residence permit are eligible for permanent residence. An unmarried spouse will not obtain permanent residence, but will obtain a residence permit renewable every year.

I understand that a permanent residence is for 10 years. What happens after 10 years?

After 10 years, the PR is renewed for another 10 years provided the conditions are met (see below).

If I obtain permanent residence, do I need to continue satisfying the criteria for Occupation Permit or Residence Permit?

Yes, you should continue to satisfy the criteria:

As a professional, you should continue to earn a salary of at least MUR 150,000 per month.

As an investor, your company should continue to generate over MUR 15 million turnover per year.

As a self-employed person, you should continue to derive an annual income exceeding MUR 3 million.

As a retired non-citizen, you should continue to bring a minimum of USD 40,000 per year to Mauritius.

When will I be eligible to purchase immovable property in Mauritius?

A holder of a Permanent Residence Permit and a professional earning more than USD 3,000 per month are authorized to purchase one apartment for their personal residence. The apartment has to form part of a block of residential dwellings located in a building of not less than ground plus two (2) floors.

How does the Economic Development Board check whether permit holders are respecting the criteria and conditions of the permit?

All professionals, self-employed and investors have to file an annual tax return with the Mauritius Revenue Authority. All employers have to register their employees with the tax office. We are, therefore, able to check whether your annual returns are in line with our criteria with regard to income/turnover. We may also request you to provide information in the form of audited company accounts, pay slips, etc. Joint inspection is being carried out by officials of EDB and the Tracking Team of the Passport and Immigration Office. The Monitoring Team may check with employers whether the professionals employed under an Occupation Permit are working as per the conditions specified. Retired non-citizens on the other hand, will be requested to produce a certificate from their bank to show the amount of funds transferred to Mauritius annually.