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The manufacturing industry has played a vital role in the economic development of Mauritius for more than 40 years. It is one of the largest sectors in the Mauritian economy, accounting for 11.8% of GDP in 2017 and employing around 98,700 people with over 700 companies.

The Traditional Manufacturing industry consists of the following sectors:

The Textile & Apparel sector is the leading sector in Mauritius’ manufacturing industry, contributing significantly to the country’s exports and employment.


  • Yarn & Fabrics
  • Apparel
  • Leather products
  • Accessorise
  • Technical Textile

Quick Facts:

  • GDP contribution:3.4%
  • Exports: MUR 25 B
  • Local Investment: MUR 1.5 B
  • No. of enterprises - Small: 60, Medium:65, Large: 32
  • Employment: 44,000 +
  • Main Export Destinations: SA, UK, France, USA

The Agro Processing sector is one of the key areas for growth and development, focusing on high value-added. Our trade covers a broad range of food products as diverse as tea, sugar, beverages, frozen snacks, instant noddles and spices.

Subsectors :

  • Processed & Frozen Food
  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • Beverages
  • Animal feed

Quick Facts : 

  • Employment: 3,240
  • Exports of F&B - MUR 4 billion in 2018
  • Export of Sugar & Special sugars- MUR 5 billion
  • Export destinations: Seychelles, France, Madagascar, USA, China, Thailand, South Africa etc.

The Seafood sector is one of the catalytic industries in the country with rapid growth due to the availability of seaproduce.

Subsectors : 

  • Frozen Fish
  • Canned Tuna
  • Fresh Fish

Quick Facts :

  • Contribution to GDP: 1.4%
  • Export - MUR 14.9 billion in 2018
  • Main products: Frozen fish, Canned Tuna, fresh fish.
  • Export Destinations: UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France etc.

The Rum, Beer and Other spirits segment been designated as a strategic sector with high growth potential in the diverisifcation of the sugar cane industry.

Subsectors : 

  • Agricultural and Traditional Rum
  • Beer, wine and other spirits
  • Undenatured Alcohol

Quick Facts :

  • Employment: 500
  • No. of Operators: 13
  • No. of Brands: 32 +
  • Total Trade Value: MUR 895 million(Incl. beer, alcohol in bulk, spirits, wine, rum & other liquors)
  • Main Export Destinations: Netherlands, France, Kenya, Madagascar etc

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