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Mauritius has an Exclusive Economic Zone of 2.3 million square Kilometres. The Ocean Economy represents over 10.5 % of the national GDP of Mauritius with total direct employment estimated over 20,000 excluding coastal tourism.  Three established sectors contribute to 90% of the GDP contribution for the Ocean Economy, namely coastal tourism, seaport related activities and seafood related activities. 

The Government ambitions to double the contribution of the Ocean Economy to GDP in the medium term with a strategy geared towards the following:

  • Consolidation of established sector:
    • Coastal tourism
    • Seaport related activities
    • Fishing and seafood
  • Fostering the development of emerging sectors:
    • Aquaculture
    • Maritime services
    • Marine commerce
  • Nurturing nascent sectors.
    • Marine biotechnology
    • Offshore oil and gas
    • Marine renewable energy

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