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Real Estate and Hospitality

Over the last couple of years, the Real Estate sector in Mauritius has been on the forefront in the country’s evolution from mono-agricultural to a diversified, innovation driven and knowledge based-economy. The real estate sector has been the bedrock of foreign direct investment and has demonstrated resilience in facing volatility in world markets and has seen sustained growth levels. Historically a safe haven with its hybrid roots and the art of compromise, Mauritius is a true laboratory that is so often referred as a yardstick for African economies. Small in size but brimming with economic potential, Mauritius remains the easiest place to do business and most competitive country in Africa.

With the overarching idea to ignite growth across all economic sectors, the country has opened up acquisition of freehold property to foreigners which has resulted in a burst of new transactions in the real estate market. The zeal for innovation and foresight has urged Mauritius to take an integrated approach to urban planning, developing the island into a thriving business centre. Through its cultural richness and multi-coloured aspect and thrive to be part of world village, the Government has pursued economic liberalisation through continued effort by further opening up its door to foreigners.

The real estate sector is particularly attractive due to the absence of any capital gains tax, estate or inheritance tax. With a surprising combination of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, a hybrid legal machine with sound political stability, state of art infrastructure and a giant multilingual pool of professionals, Mauritius has enticed people from different corners of the world.   

Testament to a good quality of living, Mauritius is known as the best country in Africa to work, live and play.

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