Webinar on Business, Trade & Investment Opportunities between Mauritius and India under CECPA

29 Jul 2021

CECPA, i.e., the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation & Partnership Agreement signed between Mauritius and India in February 2021 is operational since 01st April 2021. CECPA, the first that India has signed with a country in Africa, comprises 3 chapters main areas namely

  1. Trade in Goods;
  2. Trade in Services; and
  3. Economic Cooperation.

Under Trade in Goods, the Agreement provides preferential market access to 615 product types from Mauritius to India and 310 product categories from India to Mauritius while under Trade in Services both countries have committed to allow market access to a wide range of services.

Accordingly, the Economic Development Board Mauritius, supported by Consulate of the Republic of Mauritius in Mumbai is organizing, in collaboration with CII Southern Region, a webinar on Trade, Business & Investment Opportunities between Mauritius and India under CECPA.

The webinar details are:

We are pleased to invite you to join us for this webinar. The registration link is https://forms.gle/JshF51GgHwvSW7FFA



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