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July 2020: Mauritius, Back to Business


Dear Readers,

We are delighted to launch the EDB monthly e-newsletter and I am particularly proud to pen down my very first editorial as Chairman of EDB.

This month marked a milestone in the economic history of Mauritius where the World Bank, in its country income classifications update, positioned our country into the High-income economy bracket - a symbol of the progress we
have made as a nation.

The inevitability of this outcome may not have always been apparent, and it is undeniable that the vista in which we are today has been painted against all odds through the sheer determination of the people of this country. So, this accolade, because it is one, is an achievement which is worthy of

Whereas growth and development are intrinsically intertwined concepts, they are not necessarily synonymous. As such, we should ensure that growth is sustainable where its proceeds would be an added value to create a better, fairer, and safer Mauritius.

However, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, never has humanity witnessed such a crisis which jeopardized and faltered the global economy since World War II. The profound hiatus caused by this pandemic has triggered major
disruptive changes at all levels of the economy. It made us ponder on the way forward amidst uncertainty and unpredictability. As the outbreak unfolds, our future can no longer be a continuation of our past.

The measures announced in the COVID-19 (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020 and the Budget 2020-2021 will no doubt palliate, to a certain extent, the negative effects of the pandemic on our economy. However, we are thinking beyond.

The new board of EDB, constituted of highly qualified sector experts, is fully committed to working together with the management team and the stakeholders to ensure that all challenges are addressed.

Our team aims at bringing a new impetus to the economic strategy despite the gloomy economic backdrop. To pursue this agenda, we are determined to nurture innovation whilst bolstering productive capacity and promoting inclusive
growth. The EDB, therefore, will gear efforts towards broadening and expanding the circle of opportunities whilst revitalizing traditional sectors such as the agro-industry and manufacturing. The institution is committed to providing the
necessary framework and ecosystem which will foster strides in medical research, pharmaceutical industry, and R&D.

Future proofing
Indeed, the pandemic has significantly disrupted the investment promotion landscape, posing significant challenges for the EDB as the Investment and Trade Promotion Agency. In this perspective, the crisis has compelled us to become innovative and to tailor creative decisions. Looking ahead, we shall highlight trends and speed up change makers. EDB has therefore developed an
omni-channel communication strategy with a view to bolster a strong digital presence and footprint. The institution also embarked on a range of new initiatives including hosting of webinars and influencer marketing, amongst others, to reposition the Mauritius brand.

As a new world order is being shaped around communication, digitalization of services and technology, it is of utmost importance to leverage on new communication tools for smarter decisions. Our promotion and marketing strategy has been overhauled to accelerate the digital transformation
roadmap with a view to connect with our target markets. It is worth noting that the various industry clusters of EDB have organized and participated in more than 12 webinars over the past 2 months.

Moreover, the EDB and the MTPA signed the landmark three-year commercial partnership with the Liverpool Football Club (LFC) to enhance the visibility of the country as a global investment and trade destination. The compelling tagline ‘Mauritius, Unique Lifestyle’ has been crafted to embody the true essence and aspirations of the country to attract inclusive and sustainable investments and businesses to our shores. The tagline evokes a feeling of comfort, security, and hospitality.

In addition, the MTPA and EDB will work together to fully implement the LFC marketing and sponsorship rights of the partnership.

Finally, this edition of the EDB newsletter also features an overview of the new trends and potential in the ICT-BPO sector, following the Annual ICT-BPO Survey and the post-COVID Survey conducted by our team.

On this note, we wish you a pleasant read.

Mr. Hemraj Ramnial, CSK

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