Creating an enabling ecosystem for Startups & Technopreneurs

27 May 2022

Creating an enabling ecosystem for Startups & Technopreneurs

With its pro-business environment, bilingual pool of talent, world-class facilities and collaborative spaces, Mauritius is an ideal place to grow innovation.

“Owing to its strategic location and comparative advantage, the country is an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors”, says Stephan Sakoschek, CEO of Inspectforless. “And the Government is also fully supportive of the push for innovation, including start-up friendly policies such as innovative grants, funding and a range of incentives for innovation which bolsters against non-success in an environment ready for experimentation.”

Such efforts have propelled numerous local Startups to a successful status. Inspectforless which was awarded the e-Commerce certificate and supported by the NSIS scheme recently secured USD 3.5 million for future employment and development in Mauritius.

La Plage Factory and Turbine accredited incubators under the NSIS scheme are two prime examples where such robust support has facilitated Startups across a range of sectors to develop their businesses, identify market-led innovation opportunities, get funded and facilitate connections to relevant business partners.


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