European Union collaborates with EDB Mauritius to develop luxury & high-end cluster for Manufacturers in Mauritius

6 May 2022

European Union collaborates with EDB Mauritius to develop luxury & high-end cluster for Manufacturers in Mauritius

The Economic Development Board (EDB) of Mauritius is benefitting from the support of the European Union for the development of a high-end & luxury cluster for Manufacturers in Mauritius. Building on existing skills and aptitudes, this project aims to enhance the range of higher-end exports from Mauritius and position Mauritius as a hub for luxury products.

The project, which will cut across multiple sectors, will involve:

  1. A diagnostic of manufacturing sector in Mauritius,
  2. Capacity Building – Masterclass and Thematic workshops,
  3. The development of a Roadmap and implementation plan to expand the Mauritius export basket and position Mauritius as a destination for the manufacturing of high-end products.

The consultant for this project, Simon Robinson has studied Economics at Reading University before becoming involved in the international luxury sector. He started his career with Cartier and after 7 years moved on to become the Managing Director of Tiffany & Co. European Trade for 10 years. He has collected his experience in all sectors of the luxury business over the past 30 years (production, design, organization, promotion and marketing activities, speaker for the trade press, selecting distribution channels and representatives to sell different brands and luxury products. He also gathered considerable experience while working for the Porsche family in Germany and launching a one-of-a-kind watch brand with its owner, TechnoMarine, which became a huge overnight success. Since 2013 Simon Robinson has been advising and consulting many SMEs in the European field of luxury, helping them to get on track in various areas of their operations and to improve their products, services and financial bottom line.


Enterprise discussion meetings and diagnostic assessments are being planned in order to share information on Luxury market opportunities, understand the current enterprise market positioning and assist enterprises to move into higher-end and luxury product market. The consultant will select and meet eligible enterprises.

For more information, kindly contact Ram Jutliah on: or +230 203 3800 / 3862

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