[Freeport Communiqué] Temporary Confinement Due to Covid-19

10 Mar 2021

The Economic Development Board (EDB) takes cognizance of the announcement made by the Honorable Prime Minister on Tuesday 09th March 2021 on the spread of COVID-19 in Mauritius. A temporary confinement is being imposed on the island and is effective as from Wednesday 10th March till Thursday 25th March, 2021.

Given the exceptional situation, the EDB wishes to inform all Freeport Developers (Third Party & Private) and Freeport operators that the processing of applications for renewal of Freeport Certificate and Storage permit will be processed during the temporary lockdown period.

The following arrangements have been made by the EDB to Freeport companies:

  1. All applicants (Third Party & Private Freeport Developers and Freeport operators) who have submitted their applications for renewal of Freeport Certificate via the Freeport Licensing System (http://fls.edbmauritius.org) and whose Freeport Certificate (FC) has expired or is about to expire during the imposed curfew must renew their FC and will be given an automatic temporary extension for payment of annual fee until 15 days after the lockdown period in Mauritius.
  2. All applicants (Third Party Freeport Developers) who have submitted their applications for renewal of Storage permit via the Freeport Licensing System (http://fls.edbmauritius.org) and whose storage permit has expired or is about to expire during the imposed curfew will be given an automatic temporary extension for payment of annual fee until 15 days after the lockdown period in Mauritius.

Once the curfew is lifted, applicants will be given 15 days to effect payment of annual fee to the Freeport Department of the Economic Development Board.

  1. The EDB will maintain the processing of all applications of Freeport containers eligible to preferential port handling charges at import and export during the lockdown via the Freeport Licensing System (http://fls.edbmauritius.org).
  2. The EDB Freeport Team will assist Freeport Developers (Third Party & Private) and Freeport operators as much as possible during the lockdown through freeport@edbmauritius.org.
  3. The MRA Customs (Freeport Team) will provide support and assistance to Freeport Developers (Third Party & Private) and Freeport operators and attend any issues which  are deemed important/relevant to your activities during the lockdown through emails: Nageeb.Dookhee@mra.muRavinder.Dhoowooah@mra.musam.rammaya@mra.muraza.juhoor@mra.mu; freeport.customs@mra.mu.

The EDB will continue to assess the situation during the confinement period and Freeport Developers (Third Party & Private) and Freeport operators will be kept informed of any developments accordingly.

For any clarification, you are kindly invited to contact the EDB Freeport Team through email: freeport@edbmauritius.org or Tel: (+230) 203 3800

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