A new player in the Mauritian ICT/BPO landscape

23 Jun 2022

A new player in the Mauritian ICT/BPO landscape

Mauritius provides for an interesting and strategic destination for any ICT/BPO company to its establish operations. Hailed as the most business-friendly country in Africa and one of the best places to do business in the world, Mauritius has a broad-based economy providing an array of investment opportunities.

Over the years, the country has made impressive strides towards the development of the ICT sector as a cross-cutting enabler for the development of other sectors of the economy. From Financial services and Fintech, Education and Health services to Smart cities and Real estate development, the ICT sector is more than ever participating in the growth momentum & consolidation of economic pillars. Today, the relevance and contribution of the ICT sector is becoming more prominent and pronounced and cannot be underestimated.

For the year 2022, Mauritius maintained its attractiveness as a serious contender for software development activities with the establishment of Objectivity in the local landscape. By opening up a new site in Mauritius, the company has strengthened its smart shoring proposition for its world wide client.


In this interview, Mr Robertus Helle, CEO and Founder of Objectivity Ltd, speaks about the criteria and factors that motivated the IT solutions provider and services company to set up in Mauritius.

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