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Code Civil Mauricien (Amendment) Act 2018-Proclamation

The Code Civil Mauricien (Amendment) Act 2018 which amended the Code Civil Mauricien with respect to the regime of copropriété and of associations syndicales came into operation on Monday 15 April 2019. The Code Civil Mauricien (Amendment) Act 2018 introduces specific provisions relating to groups of associations syndicales with a view to ensuring the smooth administration of common areas in complex property developments, makes provision for a new article 552-1 which codifies la division en volumes as regards la propriété immobilière; amends article 703 by providing for new circumstances in which “servitudes” shall cease and amends article 2151 by providing who shall be “les créanciers privilégiés sur les immeubles”.

With regard to the  “catégorie de professionel compétent” (under alinéa 3 of article 664-13 of the Code Civil Mauricien), the Code Civil Mauricien (Designation of Catégorie de Professionel Competent) Regulations 2019 provides that the “catégorie de professionel compétent” shall be land surveyors appointed under the Land Surveyors Act. These regulations came into operation on Monday 15 April 2019.

Download the Regulations here.