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Fruitful mission for EDB at Texworld New York 2019

The world still offers numerous prospects to Mauritian businesses and investors seeking to expand their portfolio, be it of clients, products and services, or simply to gain access to new markets.

To enable local entrepreneurs, tap into unexplored markets, the Economic Development Board has embarked on a mission to increase the country’s visibility in terms of its economic potential and know-how by participating more in international fairs, exhibitions and roadshows. This has led the EDB to head a delegation of nine local entrepreneurs to Texworld New York, the North America’s premier event dedicated to the textile and apparel industry.

The mission has been fruitful in terms of interest from potential buyers as well as in terms of networking with clients in a region that is ripe with opportunities for Mauritian manufacturers of textile and apparel.

For more information, kindly consult the communique.

View the video here.