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National Regeneration Programme (NRP)

In June 2018, Government announced the introduction of a National Regeneration Programme, an initiative to regenerate and revitalize the central areas of our city, towns and larger villages.

Implementation of this measure has been carried out under the ambit of existing legislations and through the Investment Promotion (Smart City Scheme) Regulations. The Regulations came into force in December 2018.

The NRP shall provide for restoration, consolidation and improvement of the built fabric of towns and large villages with respect to public and private buildings and infrastructures in a specific area approved under an area regeneration plan (ARP). This initiative by Government is expected to attract new investments and further grow the construction and related service(s) sector.

The NRP is expected to enhance the environment and amenities in the interests of residents, businesses, visitors, promote more sustainable development patterns and promote tourism. Projects under the NRP are encouraged to adopt technology to develop smart infrastructures and services, to make the existing towns and large villages to graduate into smart cities.

For more information, please consult the communique.