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EDB strengthens the position and visibility of the Mauritius IFC by joining the World Alliance of International Financial Centres

In a bid to foster cooperation among financial centres and to position Mauritius as an International Financial Centre (IFC) of choice, repute and substance, the Economic Development Board of Mauritius has acceded to the Membership of the World Alliance of International Financial Centres (WAIFC) in July 2019.

The WAIFC is the association of global financial jurisdictions, and has as core objectives the promotion of cooperation among financial centres in order to sustain long-term growth, explore cross-fertilization opportunities and facilitate exchanges of best practices. The WAIFC is additionally developing the dialog with public authorities on an international level.

The WAIFC is also project-driven, and the projects currently under way, for the benefit of its Members, the civil society and the global community, are a FinTech Empowerment and Capacity-Building Initiative, a series of publications on the role of IFCs in financing the economy, and a Financial Centre Database.

The WAIFC currently has 13 Members, including Frankfurt Main Finance, Luxembourg for Finance, CityUK, Paris Europlace, Toronto Finance International, Abu Dhabi Global Markets, and Casablanca Finance City.

The EDB, as the statutory body responsible for the promotion of the Mauritius IFC, has also been voted on the Board of Directors of the WAIFC.

Mr. François Guibert, CEO of the EDB underscores that : 

“EDB will leverage on its Membership to the WAIFC to advocate on the important role that the Mauritius IFC plays, as a robust, sophisticated, and well-regulated platform, in driving prosperity in developing and emerging countries. This strategic alliance will further strengthen the value that Mauritius adds as an IFC in the global economy.”