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The International CEOs’ Economic Summit (ICES), 9th to11th July 2019, Brussels, Belgium

The International CEOs’ Economic Summit (ICES) themed “Advancing Global Private sector partnerships” will be held from 9th to11th July 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. In this context, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Economic Development Board, Mr. Ken Poonoosamy will join top-notch speakers and participate in the panel discussion themed "Scaling and accelerating growth: The role of technology”.

The purpose of this panel is to explore how stakeholders are shaping ecosystems, how risks are shared and mitigated and  the way forward to position African countries among the 100 best ranked countries according to the capacity & resilience of their start-ups.

Moreover, the ICES aims at further consolidating international trade and investment by fostering business partnerships among CEOs and business executives across the globe, with a strong focus on Africa. The expected outcome of this event is to develop a set of disruptive ideas on economic policies, strategies, business models and calls for action that will spur trade and investment. 

The ICES will feature thought-leadership keynote speeches, plenary sessions of debates and roundtables on trending topics. Besides, special events will include sessions hosted by countries, businesses & organisations as well as investment presentations.

The Summit will address the following key topics:

  • Investment promotion, bridging the funding Gap and innovative finance
  • Industry-based challenges & review of new business models
    (e.g. Industry 4.0, Precision Agriculture & Agribusiness, EdTech, FinTech, Media Disrupt, Renewables and Green Manufacturing)
  • Business & regulatory policies affecting international trade and Ease of doing business for international corporations.
  • Partnership Potentials of Young Executives & Innovators as drivers for more business growth, new economy and achieving development goals.
  • Best practices or disruptive models from experts, fast growing companies & brands, new technologies.