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Unlocking the potential of Mauritius’ healthcare & medical devices industry

Participation of the Economic Development Board in Med Tech Innovation Expo 2019


The medical devices industry is set to play an important role in the economic development of the country focusing on high value manufacturing and positioning Mauritius as a high value-added manufacturing destination. Today, there are 7 medical devices manufacturing companies with an export turnover of USD 27 Million and employing more than 600 people.

In this regard, the Economic Development Board participated for the first time in Med Tech Innovation Expo 2019 held from 15 to 16 May 2019 in Birmingham. Participation in this event forms part of the trade and investment program of the EDB focusing on the development of the New Industries cluster.

EDB’s participation in the Med Tech Innovation 2019 provided new opportunities to connect with major players of the industry, develop new markets and keep abreast with the latest and evolving trends for the sector. Mauritius is the first African country to participate in this event. The investment promotion mission was geared towards identifying and engaging with companies involved in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, light manufacturing, precision engineering, inter alia. Interest have been received in the area of medical devices manufacturing and trading using Mauritius as the platform to access the African market. This event provided the opportunity to increase the visibility of Mauritius as an investment destination for high value products and establish close collaboration with industry associations.

The Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2019 is UK & Ireland’s leading showcase for medical design and manufacturing which brings together designers, engineers, innovators and manufacturers from the medical and healthcare sectors to source products, explore new ideas, understand emerging technologies and networking with companies representing the entire medical device supply chain.

The 2019 edition attracted almost 3000 attendees and 300 exhibitors from 14 different countries. With a view to optimize our participation in the event, the EDB had a Mauritian pavilion and conducted a presentation to showcase the trade and investment opportunities in Mauritius. Besides EDB’s participation at the Med Tech Innovation Expo, the EDB organised a roundtable business meeting in Manchester and held targeted meetings with industry associations.

Being the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK is well-known for its technological achievements. The UK medical device market is the third largest in Europe behind Germany and France and is the sixth largest in the world. There are a few global manufacturers with a significant presence in the UK market and approximately 3000 medical manufacturers around the country.



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