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Official Launching of the EDB Art Gallery

The Economic Development Board has embarked on a passionate journey to sustain creativity and promote artistic values.  In this regard, the official launching of a dedicated EDB Art Gallery by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Honourable Prithvirajsing Roopun on Friday 20th September 2019 marks a major milestone in the commitment to leverage on the potential of creative arts as a new economic pillar.   For this first exhibition, the EDB gallery hosted over 20 local emerging artists who portrayed their best piece of art.

The main objective of the EDB Art Gallery is to provide a platform for emerging local artists and talents to exhibit and showcase their paintings on a regular basis.  Moreover, the Economic Development Board will work closely with relevant authorities to develop an adequate framework and a conducive ecosystem to allow emerging artists to flourish.

The Economic Development Board will act as a facilitator and define a well-structured art policy to promote this nascent sector.  The institution will provide necessary support to the local emerging artists in terms of market access, international exposure and marketing strategies.

The EDB Art Gallery embodies the celebration of creativity and represents an inspiration for emerging artists. 

EDB has also prepared an e-catalogue which presents the image and a statement by each artist introducing you to their work of art. All works are for sale and these sales will support the artists.

Download the e-catalogue here.