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EDB organised a Prize Giving Ceremony in context of the Expo 2020 Dubai to acknowledge budding Mauritian child artists

The Economic Development Board organized a Prize Giving Ceremony on Friday 14th August 2020 to acknowledge the participation of twenty-two children in the Expo 2020 Dubai Painting Contest and reward the winner.

The Chairman of the EDB, Mr. Hemraj Ramnial, and the Commissioner General of the Mauritius Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai and Acting Chief Executive Officer of the EDB, Mr. Ken Poonoosamy, graced the event with their presence.

The painting contest was launched by EDB on 26th June 2020 to invite child artists to unleash their creativity through an eye-catching drawing and painting to illustrate the legendary story of Pieter Both.

In his address, Mr. Nanda Narrainen, Head of the Creative Industries at EDB has highlighted that Mauritius will host an exclusive country pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai with a view to showcase the economic vibrancy, socio-political stability, and cultural heritage, and also to promote the country brand to foster trade, investment, and tourism.  

Delivering the keynote address at the Prize Giving Ceremony, Mr. Hemraj Ramnial, Chairman of EDB emphasized that creative industries will play a significant role in transforming Mauritius into a more vibrant regional hub whilst enriching its artistic and cultural scene.

The Chairman also commended the ingenuity, talent, and skills of all participants and expressed his optimism for Mauritius to craft and develop a full-fledged creative economy with its pool of artistic talents and seedbed of creativity.

Moreover, Mr. Ramnial also underlined that the Government’s commitment to develop the creative sector as a new pole of development by providing the necessary ecosystem and support to leverage the potential of Mauritian artists.  In this perspective, he has highlighted the series of budgetary measures to provide the necessary financial support schemes to artists and the creation of an Art District in Port-Louis.

The Chairman further reiterated the efforts of EDB to work in close collaboration with the National Arts Gallery with a view to develop a comprehensive virtual art gallery to support local artists.  He further added that EDB is determined to promote this sector as a major economic driver to stimulate job creation, investment, and growth.

To conclude the event, the Chairman and Ag. CEO of EDB have presented token gifts and certificates of participation to all the child artists.  The first prize was awarded to Ohas Dookhee who received a token gift, a certificate of participation, and a cash prize of ten thousand rupees.