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Webinar Series : Targeting the South African Market, 19th Aug - 9th Sept 2020

The Global Outreach Strategic Business Unit of the Economic Development Board (EDB), in collaboration with The Economic and Trade Office of Mauritius in South Africa, will host a series of themed sectoral webinars targeting the South African market from 19th August to 3rd September 2020. Amidst the COVID-19 context, the objective of the webinars is to reach out to the South African business community to present post-pandemic sectoral business opportunities and to highlight several bold measures announced in the National Budget 2020/21 geared towards positioning Mauritius as the preferred invest, work and live destination.


The calendar for the upcoming webinars is as follows:


Theme Sector Speakers Date & Time

Investment Opportunities in High Value-Added Manufacturing

Manufacturing New Industries

Mr Hemraj Ramnial, CSK (Introductory Note)

Chairman, EDB


Mrs Nirmala Jeetah

Head, Manufacturing New Industries Cluster, EDB

19 August 2020

14:00 (South Africa)

16:00 (Mauritius)

Mauritius Film Industry - Presentation of the various opportunities and incentives offered to film producers

Creative Industry

Mr Nanda Narrainen

Head, Creative Industry Cluster, EDB

09 September 2020

14:00 (South Africa)

16:00 (Mauritius)

Mauritius, The Ideal Hub for Doing Business

Financial Services

Mr Faraz Rojid

Head, Financial Services Cluster, EBD


Mr Senvyraj Maistry

Head of Communication, Country Branding & Digital Marketing, EDB


Mr Daniel Essoo (Moderator)

CEO, Mauritius Bankers Association Limited


Mr Richard Robinson

Director, South African Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius


Mr Samade Jhummun

CEO, Global Finance Mauritius


Mr Michal Szymanski

CEO, Mauritius Africa Fintech Hub


Mrs Bronwyn Corbett (Testimonial)

CEO, Grit Real Estate Income Group

24 August 2020

13:00 (South Africa)

15:00 (Mauritius)

Mauritius, A Centre of Excellence for Education


Mrs Trishilla Benydin-Koolwont

Manager, Knowledge Cluster, EDB

03 September 2020

14:00 (South Africa)

16:00 (Mauritius)


Queries during Q&A time of each webinars will be attended by the respective Heads of Clusters as well as the following representatives of the EDB South Africa Office:


  • Mr. Shakeel Jaulim – EDB South Africa Office
  • Dr. Prega Ramsamy –  Counsellor - Economic matters (Africa), Mauritius High Commission Pretoria
  • Mr. Maheshwar Oodit, CFA – EDB South Africa Desk


To participate in the webinar series, kindly register your interest by sending an email to Mr. Shakeel Jaulim on