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Official launch of the Morcellement Permit on the National E- licensing System

A major milestone towards an enhanced business climate and the digital transformation of public services

The Economic Development Board organized the official launching of the Morcellement Permit which has onboarded the National Electronic Licensing System (NELS) on 6th February 2020 at the Atal Bihari Vaypayi Tower, Ebene.  This launch bears testimony to the Government’s commitment to enhance the economic development of Mauritius and marks an important milestone in the strategy to improve the business climate.

The launching ceremony was graced by the presence of Honourable Dr. Renganaden Padayachy, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and the Honourable Louis Steven Obeegadoo, Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning.  The event also saw the participation of 100 key stakeholders from both the public and private sector.

Delivering the keynote speech, Dr. the Honourable Renganaden Padayachy, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning emphasized the importance of the National E-licensing System in bolstering economic growth and prosperity.  Amidst the turbulent global economic conjuncture marked by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it is imperative that Mauritius continues to enhance its business climate through investment in innovation and research.

He further highlighted that the Economic Development Board has been set up as a key institution to support businesses, work closely with Government to build resilience of the economy and ensure that a conducive business environment prevails at all times to attract investment and boost trade. The Minister of Finance reiterated the Government’s commitment to engage in necessary reforms to boost the competitiveness of the economy in order to create inclusive and sustainable growth.

Speaking at the event, the Honourable Louis Steven Obeegadoo, Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning underscored that NELS will improve transparency as well as facilitate the issuance of Morcellement Permits.  The Minister reaffirmed that there will be a proper management  through this platform.  He further added that the Government will formulate and present a National Land Development Strategy with a strong focus on sustainable development next year.

In his address, the Chairman of EDB, Mr. Charles Cartier underlined that the National Electronic Licensing System which is co-funded by the Government of Mauritius and the European Union will provide a single electronic window for application, processing, determination, tracking and issue of business permits and licenses. In this perspective, the official launch of the Morcellement Permit project bears testimony to the Government’s commitment to support the automation of public services to enhance the investment and business climate. Moreover, he further added that since its launch, and with the Go-Live of the Building and Land Use Permit and the Occupation Permit, more than 22, 000 applications have been successfully processed on the system.  It should also be highlighted that 8,900 user accounts have been created on the system comprising 757 registered accounts by Government officers.   

On the other hand, His Excellency, Mr. Vincent Degert, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Mauritius & the Republic of Seychelles, praised the impressive progress made by Mauritius to improve its business and investment climate over the past few years which has enabled the country to leapfrog to the 13th position in the World Bank Doing Business Report 2020.  He underlined that the ultimate objective of improving the business environment is the creation of a vibrant and competitive business sector which will further enhance the economy and make it more resilient.  He also added that the European Union will support the regulatory review to the tune of MUR 80 million which will focus on four key economic sectors namely, construction, trade and logistics, tourism and healthcare.

It should be highlighted that the Occupation Permit Process, the Building and Land Use Permit and the Film Rebate Scheme have also been successfully deployed on the NELS.