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The healthcare sector in Mauritius has metamorphosed itself into an integrated cluster underpinned by a core group of high-value activities such as hi-tech medicine, medical tourism, medical education and wellness. 

With state-of-the-art medical facilities and highly qualified personnel, Mauritius is positioning itself to cater for the growing needs of both domestic and international patients.

Over the years the number of private institutions have doubled and future projections indicate that the sector is expected to substantially contribute to GDP and become a pillar of the economy.

The presence of global healthcare players is increasingly positioning Mauritius as a competitive high-tech medical hub.

GDP contribution: 4.6% (est. 2019)

No. of players: 5 public regional hospitals, 40 private clinics & healthcare units

More than 4500 beds in both public and private sector

Total employment: approx. 8500 (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, qualified nurses and midwives)

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