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Trade Opportunities

The country’s ideal location in the Indian Ocean establishes it as an ideal trade hub between Asia and Africa.  Trade is further facilitated through membership with regional trade blocs, but also through preferential trade agreements signed with several countries.

Targeted trade support programmes have been put into place to create increased visibility for locally manufactured products at the regional and international level.  The Economic Development Board assists local companies to promote their products by participating in events including specialized trade fairs in our main export markets namely South Africa, France, Germany and USA.

Investment Opportunities

The New Industries cluster will be at the forefront of EDB’s strategy to devise an appropriate roadmap for the development of the growth poles through investor targeting, capacity building as well as export promotion.

Specific high value-added and technology-intensive sectors are being targeted:

  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Technical textiles (Non-Garment & Apparel)
  • Electronic component and devices
  • Optical products
  • High-end jewellery
  • OEM manufacturing (automotive components, aircraft components etc.)
  • Precision engineering
  • Light engineering
  • Food processing
  • Printing & Packaging