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The textile industry is considered as the catalyst of the Mauritian industrial revolution.  For the past 4 decades, the textile industry has played a key role by spurring economic growth and  attracting FDI from various countries, thus creating new employment opportunities and consolidating the manufacturing base of the economy.

Evolving from a producer of basics in the 70’s to a vertically integrated supplier of high value added, design-led garments, the local textile industry is today geared to face challenges of a liberalized market place by providing flexible solutions adapted to the exact needs and requirements of buyers from all over the world.

The local textile landscape is made up of a diversified base of manufacturers able to cater  for the needs  of a wide  spectrum of buyers with  a variety of options such as  price points, volumes and runs. Some of our leading entrepreneurial manufacturers have accumulated enough expertise to invest in additional production units  in  neighbouring countries, transferring knowledge to countries enjoying relatively low  labour costs,  while  providing the  right  degree of flexibility  for our clients.

The efficiency, expertise and agility of the sector have contributed in positioning  Mauritius as a textile  hub  of excellence  in Southern & Eastern Africa, making our success story a business model  that  is currently being benchmarked  across Africa. The Mauritian manufacturers have the capability to supply a wide range of textile products at varying price points, with a focus on quality that includes T-shirts, lingerie and loungewear, shirts, sportswear, trousers and denim, children’s wear, pullovers, uniforms and beachwear to name a few.