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Deep Sea Water Applications

Creating Value from Deep Sea Water

The Deep Ocean Water Application (DOWA) leverages the natural characteristics of nutrient rich, cold deep-ocean water for the development of high value-added commercial activities supported by new technologies and industrial know-how. These activities range from Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC), Green Data Centres, high-end aquaculture, pharmaceuticals, and thalassotherapy, among others.

Contrary to existing government-led models governing deep ocean water industries, Mauritius favours a private-sector driven approach for this nascent industry by providing for increased fiscal and operational competitiveness.

Currently one project is under way in the Port-Louis region and, upon completion of its first phase, it will provide green cooling to several public and private buildings in the city centre.

Why Mauritius for Deep Ocean Water Application?

  • Carbon dating techniques indicate that the deep seawater (approx. 5 centuries old) is pure and free from surface pollution.
  • Scientific analysis of physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the deep seawater confirms the mineral rich water with high nutrient content
  • Temperature ranges from 4 to 6 Degrees Celsius creating value from deep sea water
  • Private-sector-led development model allowed
  • Allows for Green large-scale cooling (SWAC) substituting fossil fuels
  • Carbon emission reduction with associated monetary benefits
  • Support from Government institutions
  • Existing legal and regulatory framework

Legal Framework:

  • Maritime Zones Act- Section 21 & prescribed Regulations

Key Facts

Attractive investment opportunities exist both in the upstream and downstream segments. The upstream segment

relates to deep ocean water extraction and the green cooling industries. The downstream segment pertains to the use of sea water for commercial activities.


  • Deep sea water extraction
  • Deep sea water sale
  • Deep sea water air-conditioning
  • Deep sea water energy conservation and production technologies
  • Green data centre


  • Research or production activities using deep sea water
  • High-end aquaculture
  • Leisure, entertainment, tourism or wellness
  • Production of deep sea water ice
  • Production of high-purity marine salt
  • Production of preservatives
  • Research or production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Production of premium mineral water or beverage