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Real Estate and Hospitality

The real estate development is in pursuit to make Mauritius a vibrant business and financial hub. The strategies at work are to bring in the following three outcomes:

  • a competitive economy with world class infrastructure (housing, retail and lifestyle infrastructure), facilities and amenities in order to attract world class players, regional headquarters and multinationals;
  • a sustainable environment that can optimise land use, protect amenity and preserve a high-quality living environment; and
  • a high-quality of life to root and attract talent to support the economy.

The development of a network of smart cities over the island is helping Mauritius to again re-invent itself, this time from an industrial country into a high-tech and service-based economy. The smart cities are integrating residential, business, leisure and even clean industrial/research uses into “live-work-play” enclaves.

Investors are also given the opportunity of acquiring a residential property as an asset class forming part of a rental pool arrangement and hospitality facilities of dynamic world-leading hotel management companies having a portfolio of world-class brands that enable the owners to maximise the value of their assets. 

The development of good quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure to support other economic sectors have opened up opportunities in the development of:

  1. Smart City Cities
  2. Business and Industrial Parks
  3. Retirement villages and senior living residences
  4. Residential properties
  5. Hotel and leisure facilities
  6. High-class business hotels
  7. Convention and MICE facilities
  8. Amusement and theme parks
  9. Marina
  10. Gaming resorts

Real Estate (Year 2018)

GDP Contribution (Real Estate & Construction): 10.5%

Investment in real estate as a % to total: 6.7%

Tourism (Year 2018)

GDP Contribution (Tourism): 8.6%

Tourist arrivals :1,399,408

Tourism earnings: MUR 64.0 billion

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