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The Participation in International Fairs SME Refund Scheme has been introduced to assist SMEs to further promote and enhance their business activities through export promotion.

Through this refund scheme, SMES exhibiting in international fairs are eligible to a refund of MUR 200,000 annually on the cost of participation, airfare and accommodation.

All applications and claims from SMEs should be submitted to the Economic Development Board.


Please consult the guidelines to find out more on the procedures to apply for this scheme and to check eligibility for refund.


  • SMEs in the manufacturing and agri-business sectors 

    The SME should first register with the EDB. Once the registration has been approved, the SME can submit its application. 

    Registration and application can be made online through the link:
  • SMEs in the services sector 

    SMEs should fill in the application form and submit support documents at least one month before start of fair which they plan to attend. The application form should be submitted by email to


SMEs, having had prior approval for refund, should submit the claim form and corresponding proof of expenses within 10 days after return from fair.