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Financial Services

The Mauritius IFC boasts more than two decades’ track record in cross-border investment and finance and offers an unparalleled well-regulated and transparent platform. As an internationally recognised jurisdiction of repute, the Mauritius IFC is home to a number of international banks, legal firms, corporate services, investment funds and private equity funds.

Leveraging on its state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern and innovative legal framework and ease of doing business regime, the Mauritius IFC offers a panoply of competitive financial products and services, including private banking, global business, insurance and reinsurance, limited companies, protected cell companies, trust and foundation, investment banking, global headquarter administration, amongst others.


Besides being a sophisticated platform for cross-border investment, the Mauritius IFC is well poised to play a crucial role to attract investment and promoting prosperity for and across Africa. The IFC explores new competitive business venues and a wide spectrum of investment opportunities for global companies to invest in Africa. Strongly bearing in mind, its political, social and economic stability and regulatory framework, the Mauritius IFC offers a certainty to global investors to look up for Africa as an investment destination.

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    • Why Mauritius

      Mauritius has a hybrid legal system, combining both the civil and common law practices. As such, its legal system is governed by principles derived both from the French Code Napoleon and the British common law. Mauritius also retained the right of appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, which remains the highest appellate court of the country.

    • International Agreements

      Mauritius boasts numerous international agreements (Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements and Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements) with other countries. These help facilitate and guarantee investments and also proves Mauritius as a secure platform for your investments.

    • Political and Economic Stability

      Our strong democratic and independent institutions together with both our Westminster-inspired political system and social development are the foundations of our society and moreover of our political and social stability.

    • Transparent and Efficient

      Through the years, Mauritius has adhered to the highest levels of transparency. Mauritius is signatory to the multilateral Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Convention to tackle tax avoidance by multinational enterprises. We have also committed to modify our remaining tax treaties through bilateral negotiations.

    • Banking

      Rich in history and ancestral linage, the Mauritius Banking Sector has been at the service of the economy since 1838. Mauritius is in fact eulogized as having the oldest banking institution of the south of the Sahara, and one of the oldest banks of the Commonwealth. Today, the Mauritius IFC is made up of 19 local and international banks, offering a wide array of services, from traditional retail banking facilities to specialized services such as fund administration, private banking, structured trade finance, Islamic banking, investment banking and custody services. All the banks are licensed by the Bank of Mauritius to carry out banking business locally and internationally.

    • Global Business

      The Global Business segment of the Mauritius IFC provides convenience, fiscal efficiency and risk mitigation for companies engaged in international operations. Domiciled in Mauritius, the Global Business companied have been instrumental in driving investments and growth across continents.

    • Insurance

      The Mauritius IFC boasts a well-developed Insurance sector; it is regulated and supervised by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under the Insurance Act 2005. The industry offers three main product lines, Life, General and Reinsurance and these are covered by a total of 23 Insurance companies registered in Mauritius. The current regulatory framework has many strong elements, including reliance on solvency monitoring, prudent asset diversification, international accounting standards, and actuarial methods.

    • Others
      • Global Legal Advisory Services Licence
      • Limited Liability Partnership
      • Overseas Family Offices
      • Investment Banking
    • Financial Services Commission

      The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (the ‘FSC’) is the integrated regulator for the non-bank financial services sector and global business. Established in 2001, the FSC is mandated under the Financial Services Act 2007 and has as enabling legislations the Securities Act 2005, the Insurance Act 2005 and the Private Pension Schemes Act 2012 to license, regulate, monitor and supervise the conduct of business activities in these sectors. The current regulatory framework has many strong elements, including reliance on solvency monitoring, prudent asset diversification, international accounting standards, and actuarial methods.

    • Bank of Mauritius

      The Bank of Mauritius (BOM) was established in September 1967 as the central bank of Mauritius. It is responsible for the regulation of banking services. The Bank has been set up as the authority which is responsible for the formulation and execution of monetary policy consistent with stable price conditions. It also has responsibility for safeguarding the stability and strengthening of the financial system of Mauritius.

    • Digital Revolution

      In the midst of the digital revolution that is being experienced by the Financial Services sector in Mauritius and as an avant-garde jurisdiction, the country already possesses the right ecosystem to assist the global ambitions of FinTech companies. The use of mobile apps is embedded in the average Mauritian’s everyday life while the country already provides services such as digital insurance, mobile banking amongst others.

    • Crowdfunding

      On the 4th of September 2021, the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius issued the Financial Services (Crowdfunding) Rules 2021

    • Peer to Peer Lending

      Peer to Peer lending (‘P2P’) is an emerging Fintech practice that enables a person to lend funds through an online portal or electronic platform.
      On the 31st of August 2020, the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius issued the Financial Services (Peer to Peer Lending) Rules 2020 with the objective of fostering innovation and furthering access to finance in Mauritius.

    • Securities Token Offerings

      There is growing importance of Fintech products in the financial services sector. As such, in June 2020 the Financial Services Commission introduced a new regulatory framework governing Securities Tokens Offerings.

    • Virtual Asset and Initial Asset Token Offering framework

      The Virtual Asset and Initial Token Offering Services Act 2021 (“VAITOS”) has come into force on 7 February 2022. The VAITOS provides for a framework to regulate, supervise, and control virtual asset services and will promote an environment conducive to attracting, investments by companies already in the virtual asset space.

Incentives & Schemes

Through a panoply of schemes and unique incentives offered, EDB Mauritius supports the expansion and growth of business operations as a way to enhance substantive and value-added economic activities in Mauritius.

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“Medew Holdings was established to produce, process and market avocado domestically and for export. Mauritius was identified as a country which is politically and economically stable. With the strong support of the EDB and the Mauritian government, within a short timeframe, Medew Holdings Ltd has been able to successfully import avocado seeds and plants for cultivation”

Medew Holdings Ltd

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Setting up in Mauritius means joining a long list of world-class businesses that have chosen our country as their regional base of operations. These exceptional businesses include:

Let us guide you through your investment journey

Let us guide you through your investment journey

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