Mauritius at the Dubai Expo 2020

The Mauritius Pavilion, themed Roots of the Future, depicts the idyllic island state built under the intrinsic values of unity in diversity towards a conflict-free, resourceful nation that is continuously re-inventing its socio-economic landscape.
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Consultation exercise for Port and Port Related Activities

Bunkering : October 2021 to November 2021.

The Mauritius Ports Authority in association with the Economic Development Board has the pleasure to welcome you on board on the consultation exercise for the shaping of the future landscape of the Ports. The first leg of the consultation exercise, focused on the bunkering sector will extend from 01 October 2021 to 30 November 2021.

Launch of Capital Economic Report - Facilitating Growth, Employment & Prosperity In Africa

The new report ‘Facilitating Growth, Employment & Prosperity In Africa’ has been produced by Capital Economics for the Economic Development Board of Mauritius.

Experience island life in Mauritius under invest, work, live & retire regimes

Recognized for its pleasant tropical climate and also known for its dynamic economy, political and social stability, multiculturalism, competitive business environment, warm hospitality and its multiple investment opportunities, Mauritius is classified as a privileged destination for foreign nationals to invest, work, live and retire…



Mauritius, your ideal retirement destination

Mauritius offers the ideal setting and environment, with its harmonious climate, warm people, unique lifestyle experience, and cultural diversity to enjoy a perfect retirement… 



Travel, Stay & Explore Mauritius under the Premium Visa

The experience of natural beauty and balanced lifestyle that could only be encountered on a rare holiday has now been made available under the Premium Travel Visa to any non-citizen who intends to stay in Mauritius for a maximum period of one year as a tourist, retiree or a professional willing to come with his/her family and carry out his business or work remotely from Mauritius…




The EDB BUSINESS SUPPORT Portal is meant to create synergy and linkage among the various institutions of Mauritius to give entrepreneurs the support they need to thrive. In line with the strategic vision of the Government...

Trade & Investment Platform for Africa

In line with the government strategy to promote Mauritius as a reputed and effective trade and investment platform for the continent…

At a glance

Mauritius being a diverse and multicultural nation of 1.3 million people, offers a range of investment opportunities in different sectors.

Its ease of doing business ranking and stable governance creates the perfect business climate possible.

1.3 Million


3.2 % (2019)

Real GDP Growth Rate

MUR199 billion (2019)

Total Imports (C.I.F)

Rs79 Billion

Total Exports (F.O.B)


GNI Per Capita


  • Agro-industry

    Agriculture has been the bedrock of the Mauritius economy for decades. Starting from a monocrop sector, it is now fully diversified with over 711 tariff lines being produced locally and exported. While the industrial base of Mauritius has been considerably widened, the agricultural and agro-processing sector remains a vital pillar of the economy as sugar cane fields continue to dominate the landscape of the island. Keeping pace with the industrial development of the country, this sector has undergone substantial modernisation, transformation and diversification.

    3.3 %

    GDP Contribution

    Rs 9.3 Billion

    Total Export



  • Creative Industry

    The creative sector is increasingly becoming a valuable segment contributing to the local, regional and global economies by generating income, jobs and exports. As per the government’s vision the creative sector is a potentially new economic driver to stimulate growth, job creation and investment. In Mauritius, the creative economy is evaluated at 3.5 % of GDP, representing approximately 14 billion rupees.

    3.5 %


    Rs 14

    Billion (GDP)

    30 %

    Cash rebate

  • Education

    In view of developing Mauritius as an innovation-driven economy, the Government of Mauritius aims at positioning Mauritius as the leading education hub for the region.  Mauritius is today a significant provider of quality education. Building upon this reputation, Mauritius is attracting an increasing number of local and international students.

    4.8 %

    GDP contribution (2019)


    Primary schools (2020)

    48.9 %

    Gross Tertiary Enrolment Ratio (2019)


    Secondary schools (2020)

  • Financial Services

    The Mauritius IFC boasts more than two decades’ track record in cross-border investment and finance, and offers an unparalleled well-regulated and transparent platform. As an internationally recognised jurisdiction of repute, the Mauritius IFC is home to a number of international banks, legal firms, corporate services, investment funds and private equity funds.  

    13 %

    GDP Contribution


    Global Funds

    1.1 %

    Sectoral Growth Rate



  • Freeport and Logistics

    The setting up of the Mauritius Freeport in 1992 was aimed primarily at developing Mauritius into a competitive logistics and distribution centre for international trade. It has over the years grown into a thriving business platform and is home to global operators. Airport of Mauritius Ltd is pursuing the modernization of SSR International Airport and is working towards setting up the necessary infrastructure to allow private sector partners to develop new business activities.  

    USD 738 Million

    Total Trade Value (2019)

    0.6 %

    GDP contribution (2019)


    Freeport operators (2019)

    263081 Tons

    Import Volume (2019)

  • Healthcare

    The healthcare sector in Mauritius has metamorphosed itself into an integrated cluster underpinned by a core group of high-value activities such as hi-tech medicine, medical tourism, medical education and wellness.

    With state-of-the-art medical facilities and highly qualified personnel, Mauritius is positioning itself to cater for the growing needs of both domestic and international patients.

    4.6 %

    GDP contribution (est. 2019)

    + 4500

    Beds in both public & Private sector


    Total employment

  • ICT

    The ICT/BPO industry represents a key driver of the Mauritian economy with a GDP contribution of 5.8% for 2019 and employing around 27,000 people. With some 850 ICT-BPO based enterprises, the country has one of the richest technology ecosystems in Africa that thrives on innovation and collaboration across sectors.  The industry is vibrant spanning from technology start-ups to multinationals across various segments such as digital services, technical support, applications development and customer management among others.


    No of companies (2019)


    Employment (2019)

    7 %

    GDP (2020)


    Internet penetration (June 2020)

  • Lifesciences

    In line with Government`s vision to broaden the economic space, the Economic Development Board has identified medical biotechnology as a sector of immense potential with high value-added activities.

    + 1000

    Trials carried out on cosmetic and pharmaceutical products


    No. of players


    Total employment

  • Manufacturing Industry

    With more than 50 years of industrialisation, the manufacturing industry remains an engine of growth with a GDP contribution of 12.1% (2020). This industry has played an instrumental role in the economic diversification and transformation of Mauritius from a monocrop to a broad-based and forward-looking economy. Today, Mauritius has consolidated its reputation as a high quality and reliable supplier through a successful combination of trade, investment, and industrialization strategies. 

    85 %

    Total exports




    Large establishments

    12.1 %

    Contribution to GDP

  • Ocean Economy

    Mauritius is a tiny land mass surrounded by a vast maritime zone of 2.3 million square kilometers and an additional sea area of 396 000 square kilometers co managed with Seychelles. The ocean represents our historical, cultural, environmental and economic heritage.

    The Mauritius blue economy is currently represented by coastal tourism, fishing, seafood processing and seaport activities that are also considered as traditional ocean activities. These activities excluding coastal tourism represent 10% of the Growth Domestic Product (GDP) and employ around 7,000 people.

    4 %

    Contribution to GDP

    $ 250 Million


    $ 300 Million

    Re- exports



  • Real Estate & Hospitality

    The real estate development is in pursuit to make Mauritius a vibrant business and financial hub. The strategies at work are to bring in the following three outcomes:

    6.7 %


    10.5 %

    GDP CONTRIBUTION (Real Estate & Construction)

  • Renewable energy

    Mauritius target 40% of renewable energy in its electricity mix by 2030 from a current 21.7%. This projected target is higher than IRENA and SEFORALL global renewable energy targets of 30 to 36% of renewable energies contribution in the energy mix by 2030. To this effect, utility scale solar and wind projects of a total capacity of some 80 MW are currently grid connected resulting in an increase in electricity generated from primary renewable energy sources from 5.5% in 2016 to 8.1%.

    14 MW

    battery storage

    2 MW

    floating solar project


    solar panels

  • Sports Economy

    The Government of Mauritius aims at positioning Mauritius as a regional sports hub by developing the country into a vibrant and growing sport economy that would have spillover effects on the services sector including the tourism industry.

    In our endeavour to promote sports in Mauritius, the following has been realised:


DTAA– Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement | IPPA1– Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement signed | IPPA2– Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement Awaiting Ratification | MOU– Memorandum of Understanding | SEZ– Special Economic Zone | CD– Country Desk | HC– Honorary Consul | DM– Diplomatic Mission |

Direct Flight Direct Port Connectivity Night Day

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17 Jan 2022

COMMUNIQUE - Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

17 Jan 2022

𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐌𝐔𝐍𝐈𝐐𝐔𝐄 - Ministry of Health and Wellness, Administration of the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson Vaccines

13 Jan 2022

ICT Business Forum, Expo 2020 Dubai: Positioning Mauritius as the platform for Digital Services Delivery

12 Jan 2022

European Commission moves to withdraw Mauritius from the List of High-Risk Third Countries


Webinar on new regulations for export of food products to China
Japan-Mauritius : Moving Africa up the Value Chain
Mauritius: A key investment platform into Africa


norman noland
Mr. Norman Noland


Dale Capital Group Limited

As this year marks our 20th anniversary of doing business in Mauritius, it is immensely gratifying to achieve this milestone & success with the people of Mauritius.  The commitment of the Mauritian Government coupled with the professionalism of the EDB in ensuring an investor-friendly business climate is highly commendable.  Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I am confident that Mauritius will overcome this daunting challenge and steer its economy in the right direction”

Renaud Azema
Mr Renaud Azema

Franchise & General Manager

Vatel Mauritius

Vatel decided to open a school in Mauritius in 2009 for two reasons. First, because of the worldwide recognition of the Mauritian hospitality industry. Secondly, because of the government’s vision to develop Mauritius as a knowledge hub. After 6 years of operation, our strategy, well supported by EDB, has been successful.

Mr Yves Bernaert

Senior Executive

Accenture Global Delivery Network

Operating in Mauritius since 2002, Accenture is the largest employer in the ICT-BPO sector with more than 2,200 employees. Our Technology Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing Delivery Centres are a destination of choice for French-speaking, English-speaking and other European-based clients.

pearse flynn
Mr Pearse Flynn



There are a host of factors which have influenced our decision to invest in Mauritius. Having access to a well-educated and bilingual workforce, coupled with a business-friendly and above all politically and economically stable environment, makes Mauritius a perfect offshore location for Ebenegate.

Laurent Chaverot


Allianz Services

Allianz Services, the internal operations capabilities organization of Allianz Group, has established an operation center in Mauritius since 2012 supporting Allianz activities across the world. This capacity leverage dedicated expertise in customer service and insurance operations management. Mauritius offers a stable reglementary environment, sound infrastructure and a dynamic and qualified workforce in a position to work in both French and English languages.

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