Healthcare & Biotech Conference
Mauritius 2023

Minutes - Remaining


The Economic Development Board of Mauritius is organizing a Healthcare and Biotech Conference on the 18th of October 2023. The event will bring together renowned local and international delegates- who are involved both directly and indirectly in this sector and aims at addressing key topics that are today influencing the global healthcare and biotech industries. In addition, this conference will demonstrate the sectoral business, investment and collaborative opportunities that Mauritius has to offer.

The conference will be a 2-day event, with day 1 focusing on 6 themes, through engaging sessions and interactive panel discussions that would emphasise on: (1) the foundations and application of precision medicine, (2) wellness concepts and their integration with global healthcare systems, (3) new developments in the healthcare sector, (4) biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing, (5) the clinical research industry the future of clinical trials (6) adapting the health system to provide value based care. Day 2 will be dedicated to site visits, business meetings and academic colloquiums.

The Healthcare and Biotech Conference will be a global platform for networking and knowledge sharing and is a must attend event for individuals and companies involved in healthcare and biotech.


The Healthcare and Biotech Conference will be a global platform for networking and knowledge sharing.


The conference provides the opportunity to individuals and companies to explore business, investment and collaborative opportunities in and outside Mauritius in the healthcare and biotech sectors.


Leverage the opportunity to network with investors, innovators, researchers, C-level executives, and professionals across the pharma, healthcare, wellness, and life sciences sectors.


The Healthcare & Biotech Conference opens up a window for you to learn from the smartest individuals teeming with breakthrough ideas.



Healthcare Providers and Researchers

Medical professionals, nurses, hospital administrators, researchers and more will attend the conference to know about the latest trends and developments in the sector. The Healthcare and Biotech conference will thus provide valuable insights on the latest advancements in the field and hence facilitate sharing of knowledge and information.

Policy Makers

The role of Government is crucial to steer clear of challenges to ensure a high level of care to patients as well as enable the industry to tap into opportunities. The conference provides a platform for changemakers to connect with likeminded policymakers.

Investors and Start Ups

Given the renewed focus on the various verticals that comprise the healthcare and biotech sector, the conference provides an opportunity to companies and entrepreneurs to exchange business ideas and connect with financial partners.

Service Providers

The event will regroup suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers of a wide range of healthcare, pharma and wellness commodities. This is an opportunity for companies/individuals looking for products and services, to boost or optimize their operations.