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30 May 2023 • Lifescience • Health Care • Investment

Biomedical Emporium invests Rs 60 million to launch Skin Care Range and Laboratory in Mauritius!

Biomedical Emporium, a major South African cosmeceutical player is officially launching its skin care range products and laboratory, this Wednesday 31st of May, in Mauritius. Lodged within the premises of Uniciti Office Park, Riviere Noire, the company’s move marks a growing trend among South African companies choosing Mauritius as their business hub.

Led by Dr Judey Pretorius, one of South Africa’s leading skincare scientists and Founder, Biomedical Emporium Pharmaceutical Ltd, the Mauritian entity has already invested MUR 60 million ahead of the launch, which is expected to generate exports to the tune of MUR 50 million annually.

Dr Judey Pretorius

While the Mauritian market is relatively small (estimated at around 2 million MUR), Dr. Judey Pretorius emphasizes that her products will be accessible to all Mauritians, and not meant exclusively for export. Discussions are underway with local distribution companies to ensure widespread availability. Moreover, although costs associated with local production might be slightly more expensive, Biomedical Emporium skin care products will be sold at the same price in Mauritius as it would anywhere else in the world. Its founder believes that the excess costs could be absorbed in the long run and capitalises on advantages that can be gained from the trade agreements that Mauritius has signed with many countries.

Dr. Judey Pretorius distinguishes Biomedical Emporium’s products from the competition by positioning them as an Africa Brand. “This market has long been dominated by European and American brands”, she stated. Biomedical Emporium’s skin care range caters for all skin types and will most specifically better respond to the needs of those looking for treatments for burns, acne, and means to anti-aging.

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