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20 Jul 2023 • Business Facilitation • Development

Business Event Promotes Trade and Investment Opportunities Between Togo and Mauritius

On Wednesday, 19th July 2023, a business forum took place at the Hennessy Park Hotel, featuring a delegation of 20 people from the public and private sector of the Republic of Togo. The event, hosted by the Economic Development Board (EDB) showcased the commitment of both Togo and Mauritius towards fostering economic growth, encouraging bilateral trade relations, and exploring new avenues for investment and cooperation.


The forum served as a platform to bolster trade and investment prospects between the two countries, facilitate knowledge sharing, foster collaborations, and engage in discussions related to the recent African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and the potential benefits it could bring to both countries. Distinguished attendees included key stakeholders, government representatives, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, all participating in the event.

Mr. Vinay Guddye, Director for Finance at the Economic Development Board (EDB), opened the proceedings with a warm welcome address. He highlighted the significance of the event in strengthening economic ties between Togo and Mauritius and emphasized the opportunities that lay ahead for mutual growth and prosperity.

Following the welcome address, the Business Forum continued with an introductory address by Dr Didier Tchoffo Djoumessi, Head of Programme, German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ). The Honourable Kayi Rose Mivedor, Minister of Investment Promotion for the Republic of Togo then delivered a keynote address, providing valuable insights into the investment climate in Togo and highlighting the business prospects available for entrepreneurs and investors in the region.

Mr. Rodrigue Akue-Atsa, counsellor at the Republic of Togo’s Ministry of Investment Promotion, also presented an overview of the Togolese business climate.

The event culminated with a significant milestone – a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between The Economic Development Board of Mauritius, represented by its Deputy CEO, Mr Sachin Mohabeer and Honourable Mrs Kayi Rose Mivedor, Minister of Investment Promotion of the republic of Togo. Both parties are committed to collaborate to promote economic growth in key sectors, attract foreign investments, and enhance business opportunities in the two countries. A second MoU was also signed by the Mauritius Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) with the Togolese Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

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