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4 Mar 2024 • Creative Industry

Call for Entry – EDB Art Gallery

After the 1st successful Art Exhibiton at the EDB Art Gallery, the Economic Development Board (EDB) is planning to organize a 2nd Art Exhibition at the office facilities of the EDB in Ebene to continuously promote local artists to new markets. We believe that art has the ability to spark thoughtful reflection and meaningful conversations about the world around us thus allowing creative expression which drive socio-economic movements.

The EDB is therefore inviting artists, resident of the Republic of Mauritius, to submit proposals for paintings which shall be exhibited in batch of 15-20 artworks over a period of 1 month.. The art exhibition is also being organized with a view to help artists establish fruitful networking with potential foreign investors and other stakeholders visiting EDB offices on a daily basis.

You may also wish to note that a catalogue of the selected artworks will be created and published on all EDB social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn along with testimonials from some artists.

Artists are invited to express freely through paintings or photography.

Conditions for Participation:

  1. The artwork should not have been exhibited in a previous exhibition during the last 6 months.
  2. The call for entry is opened to artists resident of the Republic of Mauritius only.
  3. All paintings have to be original.
  4. Artists will have to submit duly filled participation form, a concept note of their art-work, a high-quality portrait photograph of the Artwork and their CV by 19th March 2024.
  5. A maximum space of 0.5m2 will be allocated to each artist.
  6. A panel will be responsible for the selection of proposals whereby the decision of the panel will be final.
  7. Only 1 Artwork will be retained per artist. (A maximum of 2 artworks per artist to be submitted).
  8. The EDB reserves the right not to accept artworks deemed inappropriate for the exhibition.
  9. The EDB reserves the right to cancel the exhibition.
  10. The EDB will be responsible for allocating space for the display of the exhibits.
  11. Participating artists are recommended to subscribe to an insurance policy to cover relevant risk.

Closing dates for submission of application forms and Works

All application forms and related documents must be submitted by email on at latest by 19th March 2024 at 15.00 hrs.

Selected artists will be notified and will have to submit their works ready for display at latest by 15th April 2024 at 15.00 hrs. at the EDB’s Office on Ground Floor, 7 Exchange Square, Ebene.

N.B: Late applications/submissions will not be accepted.

Download Registration Form

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