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30 Apr 2024 • Conference • Development • Financial Services • Real Estate & Hospitality • Residency

Cape Town Business Forum Showcases Investment Opportunities in Mauritius

The Mauritius delegation proceeded to Cape Town for the second leg of the Mauritius Investment Promotion & Residency Week in South Africa on the 23rd of April 2024. A flagship Business Forum was organized by the EDB at the Cape Sun Hotel, Cape Town, on the 24th of April, and was attended by nearly 200 stakeholders, representing the Cape Town business and investor community and exceptionally affluent residents of Cape Town looking to do business in Mauritius, to invest in or through Mauritius, and to relocate or acquire immovable properties in Mauritius.

The Honorary Consul of Mauritius in Cape Town, Mr Mukhtar Joonas, opened the Business Forum, and the CEO of the EDB, Mr. Ken Poonoosamy, delivered the keynote address, highlighting the key features of Mauritius, the investment opportunities available, and the factors that make Mauritius an attractive destination for international investors. Mr. Poonoosamy also shed light on the purpose of the EDB’s Roadshow in South Africa and emphasized the significance of the South African market for Mauritius. A detailed presentation on the investment opportunities in Mauritius was provided by the EDB.

The Business Forum concluded with a technical panel discussion moderated by the EDB. The panel included Mr. Jaysen Nundoosingh, Head of Wealth at ABSA, Mr. Olivier Brun, Senior Private Banker at MCB, Mr. Bashier Adam, Managing Director at SAB&T International Financial Consulting Ltd, and Mr. Gareth Land, Sales Consultant at 2Futures, who shared their insights on the opportunities for investment in Mauritius.
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