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3 Apr 2024 • SheTrades

ITC SheTrades Mauritius Hub empowers Women Entrepreneurs to conduct Cross-Border Business

As part of its strategy to enhance the internationalization of women-led businesses, the ITC SheTrades Mauritius hub organized a training program on 2nd April 2024, focused on ‘Doing Business across Borders‘. In her welcome address, Mrs. Nirmala Jeetah, Director of Bio Industry & Project Development and ITC SheTrades at the EDB underscored the importance of women entrepreneurs to have a good understanding of the intricacies of international trade procedures and documentation. Amongst others, she highlighted Mauritius preferential market access through trade agreements with various countries and regional blocs, emphasizing the importance of mastering export documentation and trade terms for a smooth flow of cross-border transactions.

The training was led by Mr. Afzal Delbar, Managing Director of Silver Lines Services Ltd, a licensed Customs House Broker and Chairperson of the Customs House Brokers Association, renowned for his expertise in customs and shipping procedures. Participants gained insights into import and export procedures, learnt about the key stakeholders involved in the supply chain, trade financing, and essential concepts and terminologies such as Incoterms, Bill of Lading, Airway Bill, invoice and packing list amongst others. Practical examples, along with discussions on the roles of regulatory bodies and export documentation, particularly the Certificate of Origin, were provided to enhance their understanding.

The SheTrades Mauritius Hub recognizes the pivotal role of women empowerment in driving economic development. By equipping women entrepreneurs with essential skills and knowledge, the hub aims to facilitate their successful participation in international trade. At the core of SheTrades Mauritius’ mission lies the commitment to the internationalization of women-led enterprises, fostering their growth and prosperity in the global market.

For the year 2024 a series of activities have been planned under the SheTrades Mauritius Hub, including capacity building and marketing events which will offer networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs . To participate in these programs and benefit from the resources available, we encourage you to register on the SheTrades Mauritius Platform by clicking on the following link:

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