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21 Mar 2023 • Agro-Industry • Conference • Development

Les Assises de L’agriculture – “Pathways to a Sustainable Food System for a Healthier Tomorrow”

The EDB, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security, organised a symposium on the agriculture sector themed “Pathways to a sustainable food system for a healthier tomorrow” in the margin of Les Assises de L’agriculture on the 16th and 17th March 2023 at Cote D’or Sport complex. This event brought together close to 125 participants from the private and public sectors.

The symposium was an opportunity for the local actors to share their experiences, discuss and propose actions that will support the effort to increase local production and reduce dependence on imported foodstuffs. The symposium was followed by roundtable discussions which laid emphasis on sustainable Value Chains, Farm Diversification, Technology Adoption, Boosting Production, Contract farming and Resilience to climate change and best practices. The last session was devoted to the development of a roadmap for sustainable agriculture and the strengthening of food security.

It provided participants with a platform to explore issues, exchange views and enhance their understanding on key themes. Participants formulated short- and medium-term actions to support the transition to a more sustainable form of agriculture in Mauritius.

Rachna Ramkhalawon, EDB Manager “The organization of the symposium in the wake of les ‘Assises de l’Agriculture’ has been an eye opener for all stakeholders with regard to challenges, opportunities but also success stories. We have been pleasantly surprised to note the advancement of processes in the sector namely with companies already using AI systems to boost growth, international grade laboratories enabling contract farming models to transform agricultural products into world class food supplements. The symposium has identified several avenues of improvement to boost production, diversify the agricultural base, enhance the visibility of the sector, encourage youth involvement, and facilitate technology adoption namely to build resilience. The EDB and the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security will thrive into translating the recommendations into implementation actions together with the support of relevant stakeholders”

Mrs. Micheline Seenevassen Pillay, Ag. CEO Farei “This initiative, as a collaboration of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security and the Economic Development Board, is highly commendable as it has allowed all stakeholders including Government, private sector, farmers, research institutes and academia to discuss on different challenges which have long inhibited growth and adoption of innovative practices in the agricultural sector. Several tangible recommendations have been made to improve production, enhance visibility of support measures, assistance to farmers and processors and increase skills development and technology adoption. I am sure that together with all stakeholders, a swift implementation plan will be structured, and tangible results will unroll”

mrs micheline seenevassen pillay

Mr. Lavine Mungry, Small Farmers Welfare Fund “Nou apprecié engagement Gouvernment ek EDB pou vine de l’avan avec sa initiative la kot nu pu capave expose nu banne produits, discute lors nu banne limitation et trouve banne solutions pu amene progrès dans secteur agricole. Secteur agricole important et li support ecosysteme social economic et environmental Moris. Planteurs support sa initiative pu créer opportunité dans secteur et consolide sécurité alimentaire.”

mr lavine mungry
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