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17 Apr 2023 • Conference • Creative Industry

Local Artists Showcase their Talent at Le Meridien Hotel Exhibition organized by the Economic Development Board

The Economic Development Board (EDB), in collaboration with Le Meridien Hotel, is proud to announce the launch of a 10-day local painting exhibition from April 13th to 23rd, 2023. As part of the EDB’s 2023 action plan to create new market opportunities and promote local artists, this exhibition will feature the work of 55 talented artists, providing them with a unique platform to showcase their creations and connect with potential international buyers.

Art Exhibition

The exhibition opening ceremony took place on Thursday, April 13th at Le Meridien Hotel. The EDB and Le Meridien Hotel Group Art Exhibition is an extension of the EDB’s continued efforts to support the creative art industry in Mauritius.

Nanda Narrainen, Head of the Creative Industries Department at EDB, in his introductory speech, emphasized the importance of democratizing art and supporting local artists. He recalled the significant progress made in the past years, including the organization of the Mauritius International Art Fair and the Art & Finance conference held in July last year. These events provided local artists with a platform to engage with art collectors, dealers, galleries, and other industry stakeholders, fostering valuable connections and raising awareness about the potential of the local art scene.

Mr Narrainen further stated, “Last year’s events marked the beginning of our engagement initiative for the creative art industry. The Mauritius International Art Fair and the Art & Finance conference laid the foundation for the development of a sustainable business model for our local artists, helping them cross borders, break barriers, and export their artworks.”

Building on the success of these past events, the EDB is committed to further promoting local talent and providing artists with more opportunities to connect with international markets. As the head of the Creative Industries department highlighted, “EDB’s vision for the future is to create a thriving ecosystem for the creative art industry, where artists, art collectors, auction houses, art dealers, and galleries can collaborate and create value for all stakeholders.”

He outlined EDB’s upcoming initiatives, including the launch of an art gallery and a virtual platform to help artists showcase their work and participate in international art fairs.

Mathieu De Tonnac, General Manager of Marriott Mauritius, expressed his admiration for the artists’ skill and talent and reiterated the importance of promoting art and culture in Mauritius. He thanked the EDB for their noble mission to promote local art and congratulated the artists for their dedication and passion.

Ken Poonoosamy, CEO of the EDB, praised the partnership between Le Meridien Hotel and the EDB and highlighted the importance of supporting the creative economy. He shared his personal journey of discovering the world of creativity, talent, and imagination, and reiterated the EDB’s commitment to providing opportunities for local artists to showcase their work.

The EDB and Le Meridien Hotel invite you to visit this remarkable exhibition and immerse yourself in the world of art and creativity, while supporting local talent and the growth of the creative art industries in Mauritius.

For more information about the exhibition and future EDB initiatives, please visit the Economic Development Board’s website at

About the Economic Development Board: The Economic Development Board (EDB) is committed to fostering economic growth in Mauritius by promoting market openings, international market access, and market support for local artists. Recognizing the potential of the creative art industries as a new economic pillar, the EDB has developed a go-to-market strategy for local artists, including organizing local and international exhibitions, and providing support for artists to participate in auctions and other market opportunities.

About Le Meridien Hotel: Le Meridien Hotel is a luxurious hotel located in Mauritius, offering exceptional accommodations, amenities, and services. As part of its commitment to promoting art and culture, Le Meridien Hotel has partnered with the Economic Development Board to host art exhibitions and support local artists, enabling them to connect with international buyers and showcase their work on a global stage.

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