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6 Sep 2023 • Creative Industry • Eductation • Technology

Soft Skills Programme by the Digital Industries Academy

The Digital Industries Academy (DIA) and Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd is currently organising a “Soft Skills Programme” for youth to enhance their employability in the BPO/ICT sector.
Our program is geared towards equipping individuals with essential soft skills, with the ultimate goal of opening up employment opportunities in the BPO/ICT sector for them. Through our programme, participants will learn valuable soft skills including:

  1.  Communication skills,
  2. Customer service,
  3. Emotional intelligence,
  4. Leadership,
  5. Employability Skill,
  6. Managing tasks and workloads,
  7. Professional ethics and etiquettes,
  8. Creativity and Innovation, and
  9. Corporate Languages (Business English and Business French).

By the end of the programme, participants will have the skills and confidence to take on challenges that come their way.

The next batch will start as follows:
Date: 2nd October to 7th November 2023
Venue: Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd (PML), Montagne Blanche Campus

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