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21 Jul 2023 • Business Facilitation • Development

Strengthening Economic Development: Tripartite Partnership between AFD, Business France, and EDB

A tripartite partnership agreement was signed in Ebène on Thursday, July 20th, between the French Development Agency (AFD), Business France, and the Economic Development Board (EDB). The signing ceremony was attended by the Honorable Renganaden Padayachy, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning, and Development, and the French Ambassador to Mauritius, Mrs. Florence Caussé-Tissier. The main objective of this partnership is to facilitate knowledge sharing, enhancing the capabilities of institutions to promote responsible economic development in Mauritius.

The partnership aims to support and guide French and Mauritian businesses in their international ventures, fostering a conducive environment for them to collaborate and develop business relations between the two countries. The program is set to be implemented over a two-year period. Honorable Dr. Renganaden Padayachy, the Minister of Finance, described the signing of this tripartite partnership as a crucial milestone in Mauritius’ journey towards a stronger, more inclusive, and sustainable economic future.

He emphasized that the government’s economic strategy, focused on diversification, innovation, and inclusion, is the foundation for achieving robust and sustainable economic growth. The collaboration with French partners and EDB is seen as vital in attracting quality investments and stimulating growth while promoting sustainability.

The Minister assured that EDB would be equipped with the necessary tools to fulfil its mandate in accordance with market demands and international best practices. He also expressed gratitude to AFD for its continuous support in various sustainable development projects.

The relationship between Mauritius and France is based on mutual respect, renewed trust, and a strong determination to promote fair, sustainable, and inclusive cooperation. This new partnership is expected to foster mutual exchange of skills and experiences, further strengthening the mutually beneficial economic ties between the two nations.

The French Ambassador to Mauritius, Mrs. Florence Caussé-Tissier, highlighted the key objective of the partnership between the two countries: to support Mauritius’ economic development on the international stage by enhancing EDB’s institutional capacities and facilitating trade relations between France and Mauritius. According to her, this innovative cooperation will benefit both EDB and Business France.

Mrs Laëtitia Habchi, the Director of AFD in Mauritius, emphasized that all parties involved will explore new avenues of cooperation, particularly in areas such as circular economy and sustainable finance. The project is funded through AFD’s Technical Expertise and Experience Transfer Fund, with a sum of 340,000 euros allocated for operationalizing the cooperation program between EDB and Business France.
She further explained that the project will be equally financed by AFD and Business France. An expert will be stationed in Mauritius for a duration of two years to facilitate the implementation of the partnership program.

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