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25 May 2023 • Creative Industry

Triumphant Art: Inspiring Testimonies from 3 artists who sold their artworks at EDB’s Art Exhibition at Le Meridien Hotel

As part of the Art Exhibition organized by the Economic Development Board (EDB) at Le Meridien Hotel in April 2023, we are proud to share the remarkable stories of three talented artists whose artworks captivated both hearts and minds. This initiative by EDB exemplifies our commitment to fostering market access and promoting the vibrant local art scene in Mauritius. Here are their inspiring testimonies:

The Art Exhibition organized by EDB has been an immensely enriching experience for me as an artist. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to showcase my talent on this esteemed local platform. Le Meridien Hotel provided the perfect backdrop, inviting art enthusiasts from across the island to appreciate our work. The serene and welcoming atmosphere truly complemented the essence of our creations. I am delighted that my painting found a new home during the exhibition, serving as a motivating force to continue my artistic journey.


Participating in the Group Art Exhibition at Le Meridien Hotel and witnessing the sale of my artwork was an exhilarating experience! Art has always been my passion, and this exhibition gave me the chance to showcase my creations to a broader audience. The engagement and appreciation I received from viewers were immensely fulfilling, boosting my confidence as an artist. I firmly believe that such events bring beauty and joy into people's lives, enriching their experiences.


As a young Mauritian artist, the art exhibition organized by EDB in April 2023 at Le Meridien Hotel provided me with a remarkable opportunity to present my art to a new audience in this esteemed venue. I express my deepest gratitude to the EDB team for their support. Despite being the youngest artist among the 55 exhibitors, I felt at ease with the organizing team, who not only guided me but also honored me with the privilege of cutting the ribbon alongside the CEO of EDB and the General Manager of the hotel during the grand opening. The exhibition was curated with exceptional care and attention to detail. Furthermore, I was overwhelmed with joy when I received a call from Miss Priscillah from EDB, informing me that a hotel client had expressed interest in purchasing my artwork. The deal was successfully concluded, and my creation found a new home. This experience serves as a powerful encouragement for my future career in the art sector of Mauritius.

The Art Exhibition organized by EDB at Le Meridien Hotel showcased the diverse talents of 55 local artists, providing a platform for their artistic expression and paving the way for a brighter future for the Mauritian art scene. At EDB, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the artists who responded to our invitation and made this exhibition a resounding success.
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