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7 Sep 2023 • Health Care • Lifescience

Medical and Wellness Tourism: Well Med Trip headquartered in Mauritius

Well Med Trip, a global leader in medical and wellness tourism, has over one decade of experience in delivering top-tier healthcare services with operations in India, UAE, Madagascar, Africa, islands of the Indian Ocean among others. With the support of the EDB, Well Med Trip has now set up in Mauritius and officially launched its office on 30th August 2023 at the Hennessy Park Hotel in front of major stakeholders of the Healthcare and Wellness sector.

The vision of the group is clear: to be the preferred choice of the world for value-based Health care and Wellness services, which means being on the top-of-the-mind for individuals who seek reliable medical and wellness services anywhere in the world.

well med trip

The company has partnered with various multi- specialty hospitals, clinics as well as service providers in the field of authentic Ayurveda, Traditional Yoga, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Siddha and Unani streams of traditional therapy. These partnerships allow them to offer the best of both modern and traditional healing practices.

The promoter, Mr N.M Sunel Kumar is a successful entrepreneur with a track record of establishing successful businesses in the UAE, Madagascar and Africa. He intends to attract medical tourists primarily from the African and Indian continent along with the Middle East countries, but also around the globe, to seek their medical and wellness needs in Mauritius.

Medical tourism has gained widespread popularity as travelers increasingly seek more than just a vacation. People from diverse countries embark on journeys for medical treatments and wellness, primarily seeking superior services, reduced waiting times, and affordable access to super-specialty treatments. Mauritius has had a sustained growth in this sector, and the country has consistently delivered excellent services.

Well Med Trip aims to leverage this momentum by establishing four Authentic Ayurvedic traditional centers in four districts of Mauritius. The promoter states that this initiative is poised to be a remarkable milestone for both the Mauritius health and wellness sector and the company.

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