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Mauritius is positioning itself to become an Education Hub for the Asian, African and Australian region due to its strategic location and quality education.

Building upon its reputation of offering a safe and pleasant living environment, internationally recognised qualifications and diverse programmes, Mauritius is becoming an attractive and competitive destination for international students. These factors successfully contribute towards the expansion of the sector and reflect the determination of Mauritius to create a vibrant knowledge-based economy.

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The Vibrant Quality Education Hub

    • Why Mauritius?
      • Affordable Cost of Education
      • Robust academic and regulatory platform
      • Ideal platform for bilingual education – English & French
      • Robust academic and regulatory framework
      • Internationally recognized academic and professional qualifications
      • More than 600 programmes on offer
      • Subsidiary campuses of prestigious institutions
      • Cosmopolitan and multicultural environment
      • Political and social stability
      • Streamlined procedures for issuance of student visas
      • A peaceful set-up for international students
      • Modern expanding infrastructure
      • A democracy with impressive ratings in international surveys and regional indices
      • A geostrategic location that serves as a bridge linking Asia, Africa and Australia
      • Political stability & rule of law
      • The Mauritius-Africa Scholarship Scheme
      • High quality living
      • International students in Mauritius may work up to 20 hours per week during studies
      • International students can apply for a “Young Professional Occupational Permit” for 3 years after Full-Time studies in Mauritius
    • Investment Opportunities

      Investment opportunities exist for the setting up of:

      • World-class international pre-primary, primary and secondary schools
      • Boarding Schools
      • Specialised Technical, Vocational and Polytechnic institutes
      • Specialised institutions/university campuses offering courses in niche fields such as Maritime, Renewable Energy, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Nursing, creative arts, High-Tech engineering, FinTech, Cloud Computing, Robotics, amongst others
      • Research Centres / Research-focused universities
      • Executive Education
    • Incentives
      • 100% foreign ownership allowed
      • Tax free dividends
      • No capital gains tax
      • 8 year tax holiday on income derived from primary, secondary and tertiary education
      • VAT exemptions on construction of purpose-built building for the provision of Primary and Secondary education, Technical and Vocational Education, Training and Tertiary Education
      • VAT exemption on construction of purpose-built building to be leased
      • VAT exemption on Plant and machinery and equipment (excluding office equipment, furniture and vehicles)
      • VAT exemption on information technology system and information technology related materials and equipment
      • Land conversion tax exemption for the construction of a purpose-built building for the provision of pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education
      • Registration duty exemption on purchase of land and building to be used to provide primary, secondary and tertiary education

Incentives & Schemes

Through a panoply of schemes and unique incentives offered, EDB Mauritius supports the expansion and growth of business operations as a way to enhance substantive and value-added economic activities in Mauritius.

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“Medew Holdings was established to produce, process and market avocado domestically and for export. Mauritius was identified as a country which is politically and economically stable. With the strong support of the EDB and the Mauritian government, within a short timeframe, Medew Holdings Ltd has been able to successfully import avocado seeds and plants for cultivation”

Medew Holdings Ltd

You're in good company

Setting up in Mauritius means joining a long list of world-class businesses that have chosen our country as their regional base of operations. These exceptional businesses include:

Let us guide you through your investment journey

Let us guide you through your investment journey

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