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The Life Sciences sector has also developed considerably since the promulgation of the Clinical Trials Act 2011 with trials being carried out on various pathologies such as diabetes, cardiology, and HIV/AIDS. To date, over 80 clinical trials have been conducted with the contribution of some 15,000 volunteers whilst ensuring the required quality check in line with international standards.

Mauritius is embarking in the exploration of various biotechnology spheres involving immunology, plant biotechnology and genetics. The medical biotechnology sector accounts for a turnover in excess of MUR 2.3 billion and there are currently 5 Contract Research Organizations operating on the island and carrying out trials on various pathologies including hepatitis, diabetes, HIV amongst others.

The multi-ethnic population demographics prevailing in Mauritius provides the appropriate climate and hence an opportunity for running clinical trials. In addition, being characterised with having a rich biodiversity, Mauritius is well placed to develop the nutraceutical industry for the potential use against chronic diseases.

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    • Laboratories

      Mauritius is home to some 59 laboratories, with the potential of housing globally renown institutions such as C-Care. There is the adequate medical soft and hard infrastructure to enable laboratories to operate in an efficient manner.

    • Biotechnology

      The multi-ethnicity prevailing in Mauritius creates a significant potential to conduct clinical research covering a range of pathologies including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, hypertension, eclampsia, lupus, skin disorder amongst others prevailing in Mauritius and countries of the region. Mauritius also possesses skilled professionals coupled with a highly developed infrastructure to support the conduct of clinical trials in Mauritius.

    • Research Laboratories & Nutraceuticals

      Mauritius enjoys a mild tropical climate throughout the year, which is favourable for the cultivation of plants used for the producing nutraceuticals. A database of the most appropriate species for nutraceutical production has also been identified which include amongst others, pawpaw, moringa, noni, pineapple, tea, strawberry guava and pomegranate. To this end, investment opportunities exist in terms of setting up a nutraceutical manufacturing plant.

Incentives & Schemes

Through a panoply of schemes and unique incentives offered, EDB Mauritius supports the expansion and growth of business operations as a way to enhance substantive and value-added economic activities in Mauritius.

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“Medew Holdings was established to produce, process and market avocado domestically and for export. Mauritius was identified as a country which is politically and economically stable. With the strong support of the EDB and the Mauritian government, within a short timeframe, Medew Holdings Ltd has been able to successfully import avocado seeds and plants for cultivation”

Medew Holdings Ltd

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Setting up in Mauritius means joining a long list of world-class businesses that have chosen our country as their regional base of operations. These exceptional businesses include:

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Let us guide you through your investment journey

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