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4 Août 2022 • Health Care • Lifescience

Expression of Interest for Partnerships for the Development of a Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical Industry in Mauritius

The Government of Mauritius announced in the 2021-2022 Budget Speech, the setting up of the Mauritius Institute of Biotechnology Ltd (MIBL) with a seed capital of around USD 25 million. In line with the international dynamics and recommendations of the World Health Organisation with regard to COVID-19 vaccine demand, the 2022-2023 Budget Speech extended the mandate of the MIBL beyond vaccine manufacturing. Following consultations with relevant stakeholders, the World Health Organisation and MIBL’s consultants, provided by the European Union, it has been determined that Mauritius has strong competitive advantage and unique selling points in different segments of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

An Inter-Ministerial Committee has been set up to fast track the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Mauritius. A Technical Committee under the chairmanship of the Financial Secretary comprising of relevant stakeholders including the Ministry of Finance, MIBL, EDB, Ministry of Health, among others has identified short, medium and long term priorities which relate namely but not limited to:

  1. Cultivation and production of nutraceutical products
  2. Setting up of Clinical Research Organisations for performing clinical trials
  3. Setting up of Centres for performing pre-clinical trials on animals
  4. Regional Central Labs for servicing regional clinical research organisations
  5. Setting up of Research and Development Centres for pharmaceutical development and testing
  6. Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  7. Manufacturing of medical devices
  8. Setting up of back office facilities for distribution and\or minor manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceutical products for the region
  9. Setting up of manufacturing facilities for therapeutic products against prevalent local and regional diseases such as diabetes, measles, cholera, cardiovascular deficiencies, among others
  10. Setting of vaccine production facilities
  11. Setting up of genomic testing facilities
  12. Setting up of bottling and packaging facilities for pharmaceutical products

Thereby, the Mauritius Institute of Biotechnology Ltd/ Economic Development Board/ Technical Committee under the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Mauritius under the Chairmanship of the Financial Secretary is inviting interests for partnerships for the structuring of a Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical Industry in Mauritius.

The Competitive Edge

The competitive edge of Mauritius is strategized along the following advantages:

  1. Strong Government commitment towards driving the biotechnology and pharmaceutical agenda:
    • The Premium Certificate providing for incentives as may be requested by potential promoters
    • Fast tracking system for licences and permits
  2. Regional and international preferential markets (African Free Trade Agreements, Free Trade agreements with India, China and the EU)
  3. Financing facilities by the MIBL and other Government institutions
  4. Export facilities

Expression of Interest

Applicants are invited to submit intentions to set up facilities in the above-mentioned segments and partnership interests with the MIBL in terms of seed financing.

Applicants can submit their interests by latest 30th August 2022 by providing the below documents through the following email address:

  1. Project description inclusive of targeted products/ services;
  2. Business plan inclusive of project outline, information on promoters;
  3. Financing details and financial forecast;
  4. Enterprise brochure and corporate documents (where applicable); and
  5. Expected support from Government (type of support from MIBL, land\building requirements, amongst others)

This expression of interest is a collaboration between the Mauritius Institute of Biotechnology, Economic Development Board and the Technical Committee under the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the development of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Mauritius.


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