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31 Mai 2024 • Conference • SheTrades

SheTrades Mauritius Hub meets the members of Association Mauricienne des Femmes Chefs D’Entreprises ( AMFCE)

The Economic Development Board (EDB), host agency for the SheTrades Mauritius Hub hosted an initiation workshop with members of the Association Mauricienne des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises (AMFCE) on Wednesday, 29th May 2024 aimed at enhancing future collaboration on common projects. This initiative aligns with the hub’s strategy to increase awareness of the benefits provided by the SheTrades platform and to strengthen ties with key stakeholders, particularly the AMFCE.

In her welcome address, Mrs. Nirmala Jeetah, Director of Bio Industry & Project Development and SheTrades Mauritius Hub at the EDB, provided an overview of the SheTrades Mauritius Hub activities and work plan developed in collaboration with the International Trade Centre. She emphasized the importance of capacity-building programs aimed at developing the skills and competencies of women entrepreneurs, while also addressing the challenges they face in their entrepreneurial journeys. Besides, training programmes, the work plan also comprise overseas events designed to tap into new markets, mentoring and policy advocacy project with a view to increase women participation in the economic development of the country.

In her welcoming remarks, Mrs. Sathya Pillay Samoo, representative of the AMFCE, emphasized the vital role of women entrepreneurs in driving economic growth and innovation. She highlighted the importance of working together and encouraged members of AMFCE to register and benefit from the support provided by SheTrades Mauritius Hub. Mrs. Samoo stressed that by collaborating and leveraging the resources available through SheTrades, women entrepreneurs can overcome challenges and reap the full benefits of their collective efforts.

The findings of the Needs Assessment Survey were revealed during the session, shedding light on the specific training requirements of women-led businesses. This insightful data will guide the direction of future training programs to address the identified needs effectively. Additionally, participants gained valuable insights into the Export Readiness training which will enable them to assess the export readiness of their company.

The event also showcased the successful experiences of three women-led businesses that have joined the SheTrades Mauritius Hub. These include Ms. Ranjana Foogooa from Sphere Media Technologies Ltd, Dr. Esha Gopee-Beharee from Pure Health Women and Family Wellness, and Ms. Meghna Raghoobar from HolistiZen Co Ltd. Each of these entrepreneurs has benefited significantly from the activities organized by the SheTrades Hub, including capacity-building programs, webinars, and market access events. As a result, they have not only incorporated new ideas into their businesses but have also become better equipped to explore international markets.

The SheTrades Mauritius Hub recognizes the crucial role of women’s empowerment in fostering economic development. Through providing women entrepreneurs with essential skills and knowledge, the hub aims to facilitate their successful growth and prepare them to engage in international trade.

To participate in the series of activities planned under SheTrades Mauritius Hub and benefit from the available resources, we encourage you to register on the SheTrades Mauritius Platform by clicking on the link below:

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