Seychelles Breakfast Meet

3 Dec 2020

Fostering Business Relations between Mauritius & Seychelles

2 Dec 2020

Africa Warehousing Scheme (AWS) for Tanzania

1 Dec 2020

EDB Webinar: Shaping a New Era of Partnership with Côte D’Ivoire
Online Application

27 Nov 2020

TPMS Online Application via NELS effective as from 01 December 2020
Listing Image

26 Nov 2020

[WEBINAR] Mauritius: Africa’s Investment Hub
Official Launching of the Registration of Training Institution Process on NELS.jpg

25 Nov 2020

Official launching of the ‘Registration of Training Institution" on NELS platform

24 Nov 2020

Mauritius Freeport Ranked 9th and Highly Commended in Africa from fDi’s Global Freezones of the Year Awards 2020 

20 Nov 2020

Notice to Exporters - Support for Trade Promotion and Marketing Scheme (TPMS)

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