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11 Dec 2023 • Conference

Occupational Health & Safety and Business Workshop

The Economic Development Board organised a half-day workshop, entitled Occupational Health & Safety and Business on 04 December 2023. The training was conducted by Dr Harry Phoolchund, MBChB (Glasgow), a highly qualified person with specialisation in the field of occupational medicine.

Dr Phoolchund formerly served as adviser in Occupational Medicine and as Head of the Occupational Health Unit at the Ministry of Health. He was also a consultant to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and worked as a specialist in the UK and provided services to a range of organisations.

The event contributed to raising awareness, sharing best practices, and identifying opportunities for enhancing occupational health and safety in workplace. Some 65 participants from 39 companies across various sectors including Food & Drink, Light Engineering, Textile & Apparel, Jewellery and Medical had the opportunity to benefit from the valuable insights and real-world examples related to workplace safety.

The workshop provided a comprehensive exploration of topics crucial to ensuring the well-being of employees in the workplace. The workshop not only emphasized traditional OHS principles but also delved into areas such as mental health, burnout trajectories, Germanwings depression and the often overlooked phenomenon of “quiet quitting.” The workshop highlighted how organizations can foster a culture of safety, support, and overall well-being for their workforce by incorporating risk assessment into the core of OHS practices, addressing physical health and fitness for work, understanding role of occupational health to support managers, and recognizing the impact of drugs and alcohol at work.

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