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8 Nov 2022

The Transit Oriented Scheme

The Transit-oriented Scheme (TOS), as announced in the Budget Speech 2022-2023, shall provide for people-centric, vibrant, walkable and green mixed-use developments within a radius of 500 metres around a light rail/ metro station. Areas around a station that may be developed include green field sites, brownfield sites, infilling sites, re-developable sites (renovation) and growth zones.

Property developer(s) registered under the Transit Oriented Scheme will be eligible for a number of incentives including exemption from payment of registration duty on lease or acquisition of land to develop an approved project.

A TOS developer issued with a registration certificate will be granted accelerated annual allowance at a rate of 50% of the costs in respect of capital expenditure incurred on:

  1. renewable energy;
  2. energy-efficient equipment or noise control device;
  3. water-efficient plant, machinery and rainwater harvesting equipment;
  4. pollution control equipment/ device, including wastewater recycling equipment;
  5. composting equipment; and
  6. equipment for shredding, sorting and compacting plastic and paper for recycling.

The light rail line shall have a stretch of over 30 Km from Immigration Square (Port Louis) to Jan Palach (Curepipe) including the connection from Rose Hill Central Station to Reduit. As at date, the light rail line comprises 6 Central stations (Port Louis Victoria, Rose Hill, Quatres Bornes, Vacoas and Curepipe) and 15 stations.

Any developer may submit an application as per the TOS guidelines and application form for registration under the scheme. Click here to view the documents.