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19 Feb 2024 • Development

Request for proposals for Development and Operation of a Modern Urban Terminal at Rose Hill

The implementation of the Metro Express Project has given rise to opportunities for the redevelopment of a strategic area in the town centre into a modern urban terminal.

As a major transport interchange at this most strategic part of the town centre, the Rose Hill Urban Terminal is expected to be an iconic building, accommodating a mixed-use development. This project would contribute to the revitalization of the town centre, enhance the town centre image and identity by introducing high standards of building design and improvements to the public realm, facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and persons with disabilities thus enabling a more efficient use of state lands, seamless public transport and facilities and highway infrastructure.

The Government of the Republic of Mauritius wishes to induce active private sector participation and mobilise private investment in national infrastructure development projects with a view to modernising the economy and fueling creation of employment while promoting social integration in the mainstream economy.

In this connection and on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Mauritius, the Ministry of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management is inviting proposals from promoters having the necessary experience, expertise and resources for the development and operation of a modern Urban Terminal at Rose Hill.

The Government will put at the disposal of the selected promoter land on lease on such terms and conditions as defined in the Request for Proposals document.
However, the Government of the Republic of Mauritius will not participate, either directly or indirectly, in the funding or financing of the project at any part or stage of the development apart from the incentives detailed in the Request for Proposals (RFP).

Submission of Proposals and Closing Date

The Request for Proposals document may be downloaded free of charge from the public procurement website:

Prospective Applicants may submit their proposals either on their won or jointly with other firms or parties. The nature of any existing or intended partnership or joint venture arrangement/consortium shall be specified at the time of submitting the proposal, and a letter or agreement or intent signed by all participating parties in the partnership or joint venture, under the seal of an attorney, shall be submitted together with the promoter’s proposal.

Applications in English language and clearly marked “Request for Proposals for Development and Operation (design, build, finance, manage, maintain and operate of a Modern Urban terminal at Rose Hill” should be deposited in the Bid Box, in original plus 2 copies at the following address on or before Wednesday 15 May 2024 by 14hr00 (local time) at latest:

The Senior Chief Executive
Ministry of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management
Level 3, Emmanuel Anquetil Building
Corner SSR and Jules Koenig Streets
Republic of Mauritius

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