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29 Fév 2024

EDB Mega Blood Donation

The Economic Development Board (EDB) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Blood Donors Association, and other health institutions has organized for the first time a Mega Blood Donation Event and a free Medical Check-Up from 27th to 29th February 2024 at the EDB Head Office in Ebene.

The 3-days event forms part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of the EDB with the main objective to encourage community engagement, raise awareness about the importance of blood donation and contribute to the well-being of the working community in Ebene.

The EDB has extended special invitations to various esteemed organizations in Ebene and its vicinity to participate in the Mega Blood Donation Event and the response was very positive with 1185 visitors and 933 pints of blood collected during the 3-days and making the event a great success.

In his statement to the press, the chairman of EDB, Mr Hemraj Ramnial, CSK, Chairman of EDB, emphasized the significance of the recent event as part of the organization’s corporate social responsibility program.  

He highlighted the event’s focus on community well-being and public health, aiming to engage the Ebène working community and the neighbourhood in promoting awareness on blood donation. Mr Ramnial expressed satisfaction in achieving the goal of uniting the community for a common cause and fostering a sense of civic responsibility.  

He underlined the potential for the initiative to strengthen community ties and promote positive actions leading up to the upcoming celebration of Mauritius’ independence on March 12th.

The EDB is deeply honoured to have the below sponsors in our mission to save lives and promote a culture of giving:

  1. Agigraphix Ltd
  2. Agrex Limited
  3. Anahita Centre for Excellence
  4. Axess Ltd
  5. Azuri Smart City
  6. Beau Plan Development Ltd
  7. Blue Life Ltd
  8. Bouigues Developpement (Maurice) Ltée
  9. Ciel Properties Ltd
  10. Creative Properties Ltd
  11. Emtel Ltd
  12. ENL Agri Limited
  13. Evaco Group
  14. Food And Agricultural Research and Extension Institution (FAREI)
  15. Forestry Service – Government of Mauritius
  16. Ki Signature Villas Ltd (Two Futures Ltd)
  17. Les Terrasses de Grand Baie Ltd
  18. Ministry of Agro Industry & Food Security -Conservator of Forests
  19. Ministry of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change
  20. Moka City Ltd
  21. Molinea Property Ltd
  22. Montebello Smart City Ltd
  23. Mr Ajensingh Hurpaul
  24. Municipal Council of Quatre Bornes
  25. Pepinière de Labourdonnais
  26. Quality Beverages Ltd
  27. River Kings Ltd
  28. Simbisa Brands Mauritius (Pizza Inn Mauritius)
  29. Teredom Ltd
  30. Vaneron Incorporated Ltd

The EDB would like to thank all sponsors and donors for their kindness and generosity for donating blood and saving countless lives which is greatly appreciated. Donating blood can make a significant difference in someone’s life and this support serves as a beacon of hope for patients and families facing medical challenges, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey.

The kindness and generosity of the sponsors and donors will no doubt inspire us to continue our efforts to make a positive impact in our community.

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